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Bristol Palin’s Dancing Causes Melt-Down

From the Wisconsin State Journal:

Bristol Palin’s dancing on TV set off man in standoff, complaint says

ED TRELEVEN | Posted: Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Allegedly set off by Bristol Palin’s appearance on “Dancing with the Stars,” a rural Black Earth man [sic] kept police at bay outside his home for 15 hours Monday and Tuesday before he surrendered to police.

Steven N. Cowan, 66, railed at the television as the daughter of former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin appeared on the ABC program, his wife told police Monday after she fled from the town of Vermont house, according to a criminal complaint filed in Dane County Circuit Court.

Cowan had also been under stress because of a financial situation and was receiving care for a mental health problem, the complaint states. Cowan’s wife, Janice, told police that her husband had been drinking, but she did not think he was intoxicated.

The complaint charged Cowan with second-degree reckless endangerment.

According to the complaint, Cowan and his wife were watching “Dancing with the Stars” when Cowan jumped up and swore as Bristol Palin appeared, saying something about “the (expletive) politics.” Cowan was upset that a political figure’s daughter was on the show when he didn’t think she was a good dancer, the complaint states.

According to the complaint:

Cowan went upstairs for about 20 minutes and returned, demanding his pistols, which had been taken by his daughter about a month ago for safety reasons. He was carrying a single-shot shotgun, which he loaded and fired into the television.

Cowan continued to yell, demanding his pistols. He re-loaded the shotgun and pointed it toward his wife. She left the house and drove to Black Earth, where she called 911. She told police she was afraid for her safety.

Cowan kept sheriff’s deputies at bay outside his home until 11 a.m. Tuesday, when he surrendered without incident, sheriff’s spokeswoman Elise Schaffer said.

On Tuesday night’s results show of "Dancing with the Stars," Bristol Palin advanced to next week’s finals of the competition.

Meanwhile, the people who are whipping up such dangerous and irrational hatred are being given supposedly prestigious awards for their contributions to American culture.

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14 Responses to “Bristol Palin’s Dancing Causes Melt-Down”

  1. NoNeoCommies says:

    No one forces the leftists to watch shows like this, but they apparently can’t help themselves.
    We need more Palins on TV more often!
    Let’s drive the left off their collective nut!
    BTW, do any reports say this guy is a Dem?

  2. proreason says:

    I don’t watch the show, but I’ve seen some utube clips and Bristol is obviously a good dancer. Much much better than a normal person. Maybe she isn’t the best of the contestants, but who cares. People will vote for who they will vote.

    Was Emmit Smith the best dance when he won? Like Bristol, he was pretty darn good, but the best of the contestants? Hardly. Where was the outrage then?

    Oh wait, what am I saying. He’s black.

    • proreason says:

      I’ve also now looked at some clips of “Brandy” or is it “Brandi”? whatever.

      I had a relatively positive impression of her before watching, but wow, what an overbearingly arrogant young woman she is. Couldn’t get past that to tell whether she was a good dancer or not. But it’s pretty obvious she thinks so. She will probably run for president next. And she will have a good chance of winning, if you ask me.

    • heykev says:

      I recalled hearing about Brandi causing deaths in an auto accident. While she got off, her “career” has spiraled downward ever since that accident. Here’s a link to the first article I found on it. While there’s others, this gives you the gist. http://hellobeautiful.com/special-features/dbennett/brandy-settles-wrongful-death-lawsuit/

      Karma can be a real bitch.

      I would agree that she now has a better chance of winning because of this and the feinged outrage people have over this.

  3. U NO HOO says:

    When will we see Bristol Palin in Playboy, or whatever, to bolster her income as a single, (we used to use another word that started with s) mother?

    Just asking.

  4. Meg10 says:

    When is Nancy Pelosi going to start decrying Palin Hate Speech as “dangerous”? It amazes me how much the left hates Sarah Palin, but I just don’t understand how that hate transcends to her family. What did Bristol Palin ever do? She’s not in politics and she has no agenda. She’s just a girl dragged into the spotlight by the Left to be verbally slaughtered by people who hate her mother. This goes so far beyond politics and just proves my theory that Democrats are lunatics. Their childlike emotional outbursts make it near impossible to have an intelligent conversation with them. Even if they had some real concrete reservations about Palin running for President in 2012, that does not justify the outright inappropriateness of the loathingly disgust they have for her and I don’t understand how NOW does not lift a finger to defend her. These people say the most outrageously sexist things about herself and her daughters and nobody seems to see a problem with it. What is wrong with you people? I disagree with just about everything Obama stands for, but I don’t hate him or his family and say horrible things about him. Why can’t Democrats just respectfully disagree with Sarah Palin’s politics? Why do they turn it into such ugliness?

    • proreason says:

      “Why do they turn it into such ugliness?”

      Short answer, because they are thugs.

      Medium answer, because she threatens them because her values say that they shouldn’t be allowed to steal from us.

      Long answer, her life is anethma to them. It’s the antithesis of a life of government dependency. She and her husband have achieved great things solely through their own efforts. She came from nowhere. She doesn’t believe in libwit redistribution. She has never asked for a handout. She made the decision to have a Down’s Syndrome Child and is unashamed of her love for that child, which is a daggar to the heart of feminism. And the cruelest blow of all is that she is successful, happy, confident, all American and…..this is the cruelest of the cruel….beautiful.

    • Petronius says:

      “Why do they turn it into such ugliness?”

      Some researchers believe the Liberal psychosis may be traced to a genetic mutation, DRD4, when the gene occurs in combination with certain adolescent social experiences.


      Thus we find that the typical Liberal is a cross between Michael Moore, Janeane Garofalo, Chuck Schumer, Markos Moulitsas, George Soros, Noam Chomsky, John Edwards, Maxine Waters, Alan Grayson, Paul Begala, Ward Churchill, Lee Bollinger, Eric Foner, Al Sharpton, Paul Krugman, Dr. George Tiller, Margaret Marshall, Al Franken, Howard Dean, Robert Mugabe, Count Dracula, a banshee, and a homeless man who stinks of urine and rancid butter and has an open wound above the bridge of his nose and a bottle of Old Nag chardonnay clutched in his grimy hand.

      Cram them all into a blender, press “puree,” and — presto! — there you have it : pure DRD4.

      But to obtain Liberalism in its super-nasty, concentrated strength, try the blend without Count Dracula, the banshee, and the homeless man who stinks of urine.

      Yeah, that’s my Liberal.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Hey Petronius, that mixture sounds more like “Brown 25” from Uranus.
      (from the movie ‘Groove Tube’ circa 1975)
      You made a damn good funny, my friend!

  5. Chase says:

    Ugly does as ugly is.

    A lot of these special interest people, who are Dhimmie-rats, have no real life. They have ruined, forsaken, or broken bonds of or ties with family over small-minded and largely inconsequential things or choices they have made. They are mad at the system, but react only as victims. They are not empowered, do not have faith in, or respect for themselves and their potential, if they would work at something. They are malcontents, angry, boiling within, without satisfying outlets, or meaningful goals and means to achieve them. Everyone around them must be torn down,and ugliness sought, exposed, or created.

    They think ugly. They choose ugly. They surround themselves and wrap themselves in ugly. They take what they have, and decide to be continually angry, victimized, and thus remain ugly ducklings.

  6. canary says:

    Not a watcher, but I have because of Bristol Palin. Think the ratings are part of keeping here. It’s also her
    whole-someness, shyness, and never danced as some of those have celebrity careers, etc.

    One night she got a standing ovation, and I was wow, it wasn’t that good. Well, her family dropped in and it’s obvious that people like Sarah Palin. They really like her.

    Politically, aside wearing the young little Bristol wearing a flag pin, during one of the routine interviews where they tell their personal struggles for sympathy, Palin mentioned how difficult it was on her mother during the campaign and on herself for the mean things people said. One show they clipped her sobbing because she missed her baby and family, so they let her go home & practice there. Something common.

    Sarah Palin’s Alaska show soon to air, is not a reality show. Alaska should pay her for advertising their state. Tourism and moves there are up, since Sarah ran.

  7. tranquil.night says:

    Yeah, trouncing them in the realm of politics and arena of ideas is one thing. But making them look like the bitter clingers they are at a cultural level. Ms and Mrs Palin – you have gone too far!

    What is dancing if not controvertial? The average Leftist probably could quote you the entire movie of Footloose but not be able to tell you what it was about except sticking it to stiff-ass Conservatives.

    Well here’s B. Palin, driving the stiff-ass Liberal aristocracy nuts by just tearing up the floor. Does she know every aristocratic nuance of the craft most of the people she’s competing against have studied for years? Nope she’s just a single-mother out doing her best and doing her thang with an opportunity some dumb Liberal producers gave her thinking they could rip on her and her family. People love it and the Liberals hate it because it’s showing them to be exactly what they accuse others.

    Bristol you’ve never been more beautiful! Ms. TN is a little jealous I think.

  8. AmericanIPA says:

    I thought the whole point of the show (and I don’t watch) was to take celebrities who weren’t accomplished dancers and watch them progress. Television–except, it seems, MSNBC– is about ratings first and foremost. To this end, obviously enlisting Bristol Palin was an excellent idea. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s easy on the eyes either. People are watching, and the show is in the news almost daily. Sounds like ABC and DWTS did a smart thing.

    But lunatic lefties often lose their minds when someone on the right side of politics gets a leg up somehow. Bristol Palin is just some right wingers daughter and just by being born to a certain person, she is thrust upon us all. What has she done to garner attention or fame or celebrity? Too true.

    And what has Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton done besides marry the right man? And what expertise can Megan McCain lend that doesn’t have to do with what family she was born into? What accomplishment had Arrianna Huffington had before marrying a wealthy man? How is it that Chelsea Clinton got a million dollar job doing something she didn’t even study in college? Liberals think that they are the only ones who earn anything, when in fact, they are the greatest recipient of gifts and quotas, while conservatives are the ones who really ever earn anything.

    I hope Palin wins that dancing competition for no other reason than to heap hot coals on the heads of evil liberals.

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