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Britain Planning A 1,000 Man Afghanistan “Surge”

From the UK’s Telegraph:

A British patrol passes opium poppies in the Helmand province of southern Afghanistan

A British patrol passes opium poppies in southern Afghanistan’s violent Helmand province.

Troops earmarked for Afghanistan surge

By Tim Hall

Britain is preparing to send more troops to Afghanistan in anticipation of an upsurge in violence from the Taliban, it was reported today.

The day after Tony Blair announced that 1,600 troops would be bought back from Iraq, Des Browne, the Defence Secretary, is said to be finalising plans for a surge in Afghanistan.

Mr Browne will announce on Monday that 1,000 extra troops will go to the country, according to information leaked to the Guardian.

Details of a “substantial” increase in troops apparently leaked out after Mr Browne briefed the weekly meeting of the Cabinet at No 10 yesterday.

Nato currently has 35,000 troops in Afghanistan of which over 5,000 are British, stationed in Helmand province, a one-time Taliban stronghold…

Do you think this “surge” of 1,000 soldiers to Afghanistan will get as much media attention as the possible “withdraw” of 1,600 soldiers from Iraq in the coming months?

Of course that’s a rhetorical question.

In fact, the Guardian who got this lead didn’t even manage to work it into its headline:

Taliban threatens ‘bloodiest year’ as UK boosts troops

Friday February 23, 2007

The Taliban today threatened the deadliest year yet for foreign troops in Afghanistan as the government prepared to announce the deployment of 1,000 more British troops to the country.

“This year will prove to be the bloodiest for the foreign troops. It is not just a threat: we will prove it,” the senior Taliban commander Mullah Dadullah told the Reuters news agency via satellite phone, adding that militants would be armed with shipments of new guns.

“The Taliban’s war preparations are going on in caves and in mountains. Our 6,000 fighters are ready for attacks on foreign troops after the change in weather and as it becomes warmer,” he said.

The defence secretary, Des Browne, is expected to announce the deployment officially on Monday. But the Northern Ireland secretary, Peter Hain, confirmed today that the government was thinking of sending more troops to the country…

Funny how the enemies threats are always given top priority by our watchdog media.

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