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British Arrest A Fifth Suspect In UK Bomb Plots

From those enablers of terror at Reuters:

British police arrest five after car bomb attacks

By Peter Graff

GLASGOW (Reuters) – British police arrested a fifth person on Sunday after a fuel-filled jeep was rammed into Scotland’s busiest airport in what police said was a terrorist attack linked to failed car bombings in London.

The arrests included a 26-year-old man and a 27-year-old woman seized on a major highway in northern England on Saturday night and another man, 26, who was detained in Liverpool, in the northwest of England, on Sunday.

Those arrests were in addition to two men, who witnesses described as Asians, who were taken into custody on Saturday immediately after they slammed a Jeep Cherokee into Glasgow airport and set the vehicle ablaze.

Most of the Asian population in Britain come from the sub-continent, including India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The attack, which caused five slight injuries and damaged the airport entrance, came barely 36 hours after two car bombs loaded with fuel, gas canisters and nails were found on the busy streets of central London primed to detonate.

Police said the man arrested in Liverpool was seized in connection with both events and said warrants were being used to search two addresses near Liverpool…

Gosh, they made mention of the suspects’ ethnicity.

How daring.

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