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IDs Of British Plane Bomb Plotters Revealed

From those coddlers of terror at Reuters:

Terror plot suspects revealed

August 23, 2006

A British court today remanded eleven people in custody over an alleged plot to use suicide bombers to blow US-bound airliners out of the sky in a plot officials say could have been as deadly as the September 11 attacks.

The 11 accused – including a young mother and a minor – appeared in a magistrates court in London 12 days after police raids in and around the British capital that prompted unprecedented security measures at major airports worldwide.

In turns they appeared before Magistrate Timothy Workman at City of Westminster Magistrates' Court in white sweatshirts, grey jogging pants and flanked by five guards. The men had trimmed beards, the woman wore a hijab, or headscarf….

The suspects facing the most serious charges are Abdullah Ahmed Ali, Waheed Arafat Khan, Umar Islam, Tanvir Hussain, Assad Ali Sarwar, Adam Khatib, Ibrahim Savant and Waheed Zaman.

All spoke only to confirm their names and addresses, except for Hussain who said he had no permanent address.

His lawyer Mohammed Zeb told the packed courtroom at Westminster Magistrates Court that "all allegations are denied"…

Lawyers for young mother Cossar Ali, 23, Mehran Hussain, also 23, and the 17-year-old youth – who cannot be identified because of his age – indicated they would plead not guilty.

The 17-year-old is accused of having items useful to a terrorist, including suicide notes and a book on bombs. Mehran Hussain and Cossar Ali are accused of failing to report the plot…

The 10 men wore white sweatshirts or t-shirts and grey tracksuit trousers while Cossar Ali wore a blue headscarf.

Two of the men waved to the public gallery which was packed with friends and relatives of the suspects

For the life of me I can't figure out what these people have in common.

How could you ever "profile" them?

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