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Brokaw: Israel Learn From Holocaust?

From the anti-Semites at MSNBC

[At 4:05] Brokaw: What can the Israelis learn from your visit to Buchenwald? And what should they be thinking about their treatment of Palestinians?

And Mr. Obama says we must confront those who would rewrite history?

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, June 5th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

9 Responses to “Brokaw: Israel Learn From Holocaust?”

  1. Peggy says:

    I actually saw this. My jaw dropped when Brokjaw said it.

    It’s hard to believe that even a news reader could be so stupid.

    And evil.

  2. proreason says:

    “what can the Israelis learn from your visit….and what should they be thinking about their treatment of Palestinians?”

    At least The Moron said “there is no equiivalence here”. I don’t give him much credit, but that came out of his mouth as the first thing.

    Then he goes on to advocate for a 2-state solution, which of course, will never happen unless the Palestians and their evil backers have a well-deserved, collective lobotomy.

    4 1/2 months into a fantasy-world presidency. We’ll be lucky to come out of it alive.

  3. BatK says:

    Brokaw: What can the Israelis learn from your visit to Buchenwald? And what should they be thinking about their treatment of Palestinians?

    Lessons to learn:

    1. Obama can’t deny the Holocaust, but if he can help in any way to perpetrate another one by helping your enemies gain nuclear weapons, he will.
    2. He’s an apologist for Islam, a religion built upon the premise of your destruction and your eventual submission to Allah. People don’t deny the Holocaust because they don’t believe it didn’t happen. They deny it because it highlights the Anti-Semitism in their own intentions and deeds. They’d much rather you think they were your friend and “peace partner” before attempting to catch you by surprise and annhiliate you.
    3. The U.S. is not your friend anymore. There are many American citizens who still love and support you, but relying on our leadership is tantamount to your own destruction as a nation. The God of the Bible refers to Himself as the “the Holy One of Israel.” He has defended His people more than once against their enemies when they called on His Name.
    4. Never again. The right to defend yourself from contstant rocket fire, suicide bombers, and false peace promises is in NO WAY equivalent to the mass murder, torture, and slavery perpetrated against your people. Brokaw’s question should remind you that the intent of the Palestinians and all of their Muslim brothers and sisters is the same as Hitler’s.
    5. You are not required to be nice to people who’s openly expressed desire is to kill you. They tried it in 1948 and failed. That’s why they have no land. They tried again in 1967 and you got Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. You gave back Gaza. The folks in Sderot can tell you what a benefit that’s been.

    • proreason says:

      “The U.S. is not your friend anymore.”

      The Israelis must be frantic.

      I heard Michael Shueller on O’Reilly a few nights ago. He’s a smart guy about a lot of things, and seems to know more about Terrorism than most commentators, but he appears to be one of those who thinks backing Israel is not in the US’s best interests. I’m not sure whether or not he is an anti-semite, but he sure isn’t pro-Israel.

      But he said something that I thought was really insightful and it has got me thinking. He said “Obama should tell the Middle East that the US won’t re-supply Israel if they make a first-strike.”

      What it made me realize is that despite their obvious strengths, the Israeli’s cannot survive without US backing. They could put an awful hurt on Iran and every other country over there, but unless they did major nuclear strikes, they would eventually be wiped out. With only 6 million people agains hundreds of millions who care little about life, and no significant armaments industry, their destruction is inevitable without our weapons.

      THAT is why The Moron’s posture is so frightening. It puts Israel in the cross-hairs, and in my opinion, is evil incarnate.

  4. tranquil.night says:

    Everyone has great points here but I can’t help but point out the obvious too: ”

    Brokaw: What can the Israelis learn from your visit to Buchenwald?

    Forget the equivalency premise, I almost want to say that was an easy trap for Obama to catch to make him look like he’s a smart thinker and not just driveling at another opportunity for the messiah to teach. The nerve to even imply that Israel could learn something about empathy and surrender diplomacy because some yahoo goes and visits a memorial is horrendously narcissistic.

    It’s exactly as Great Uncle Charles Payne said, it’s all political. Everywhere he goes, o’blah blah is out to tell the people of the world he understands and empathizes with their point of view, while nominating a judicial candidate that specifically believes that’s not possible (unless we abandon our belief that people aren’t equal!). Good Lord, Brokaw.

    • proreason says:

      You’re right, tn.

      Brokaw is a fawning tool of the radical left and a salivating lap-dog for Obamy. Like Cronkite, he is one of the better ones at hiding it, but this is an example of when the rabid nut within oozes out.

      It’s disgusting and humimiliating.

    • heykev says:

      Guess that’s what BHO meant by The Audacity of Hope

      He provides the Audacity – by changing America as we know it

      All you have left is Hope – that these changes will not harm US and that people will wake up and realize this.

  5. Liberals Demise says:

    Statement should read, “What has Israel learned from the Obama Regime”

    The point is as clear as the towel worn on Obamas’ head when behind closed doors. Barry is hanging them out and they should prepare to go it alone. Barry is a muslim and is selling……NO……..handing America over to the Islamo-Bastards!!

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