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Brotherhood Likely To Win Majority In Egypt

From an elated New York Times:

Egyptians Vote in Final Round of Parliamentary Elections

January 3, 2012

CAIRO — The Muslim Brotherhood worked to stretch its lead Tuesday as Egyptians returned to the polls in the final phase of the first parliamentary elections since the ouster of former president Hosni Mubarak..

As the polls opened, some analysts suggested that the party founded by the Brotherhood, Egypt’s mainstream Islamist group and best-organized political force, could come away with a clean majority of the seats in the full parliament instead of the plurality indicated by previous results.

Some estimates indicated that the Brotherhood’s party, Freedom and Justice, started the day with nearly 50 percent of the seats awarded in the first two rounds of the vote. It won roughly 40 percent of the seats allocated by party voting, and a higher percentage of the seats contested by individual candidates. And the final nine governorates voting on Tuesday included the historic Brotherhood strongholds of Gharbiya and Daqahliyya in the Delta, where a number of the group’s best known candidates are running, including the former Member of Parliament Mohamed Beltaggi

The Brotherhood has said repeatedly that it intends to form a coalition or unity government, in part to avoid unnerving Egyptian liberals or Westerners who may fear an Islamist takeover. It may also wish to share the responsibility for what is expected to be a difficult period of adjustment for the Egyptian state and economy.

But winning a clear majority would enable the Brotherhood’s party, if it chose, to govern without forming a coalition. And removed the necessity of such a coalition government would diminish the power of the partners in any alliance as well as any other parties outside the coalition.

That would reduce the clout of the ultraconservative Islamists who have so far come in second-place in the first two rounds of the voting, winning as much as 25 percent of the seats by most estimates.

And it would also reduce the voice of the various liberal parties, led by the business-friendly Free Egyptians and the left-leaning Social Democrats, who have won most of the remainder of the seats.

The Brotherhood has so far sought to ally itself with the liberals rather than the most conservative Islamists and it has reiterated that it has no plans to form an all-Islamist government. The strength of the ultra-conservatives, known as Salafis, has been the biggest surprise of the voting so far. Many espouse hard-line views seeking sharp reductions in the sale of alcohol, opposing women’s participation in political leadership or public life, and potentially restricting arts and popular culture deemed profane or sacrilegious…

What a laugh. There is not a dime’s worth of difference between the Muslim Brotherhood and the supposedly more hardline Salafis in the Al-Nour party.

The Salafis are just a little more open about their intentions.

If the Brotherhood wins a clear majority there will be no stopping them. Because ‘this is how democracy works.’

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2 Responses to “Brotherhood Likely To Win Majority In Egypt”

  1. River0 says:

    We should recall that people like the Occupier-in-Chief (Obummer and his minions) and even Bill Kristol, a GOP Progressive, applauded the overthrow of Mubarak even though this Sharia Law theocratic takeover was entirely predictable. There’s never much chance that any government other than authoritarian pro-West or IslamoNazi will form in the Middle East.

    Utopian delusion and denial reign in the world.

  2. The Redneck says:

    What infuriates me is that when there actually ARE people trying to be free from muslim tyranny, instead of simply trying to replace light muslim tyranny with heavy muslim tyranny (such as in Syria and Iran), Obama turns a blind eye while they get slaughtered.

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