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UK Floods Are Blamed On Climate Change

From the global warming cultists at the Guardian:

PM orders review into water damage

Monday July 23, 2007

Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the Government would set up a review into the flooding after surveying the damage during a helicopter tour of Gloucestershire.

He said the Government would increase the amount of money spent on flood and coastal defences across the country from £600 to £800 million…

Speaking at his first monthly briefing with the press, he said: “Like every advanced industrialised country, we are coming to terms with the issues surrounding climate change.

“We are going to have to look at drainage, surface water, as well as river water, and what we are going to be able to do in the future in relation to that.

“We will have to invest in coastal defences, flood defences and of course drainage in infrastructure in the years to come and that’s why we are setting aside more resources to do so.” …

When it rains a lot more than usual, that is climate change.

Climate change happens.

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