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Brown Doesn’t Match Everyman Image

The Associated Press publishes the results of its frantic opposition research, alas, a couple of days late and more than a few dollars short:

Brown record doesn’t always match everyman image

By Steve Leblanc, Associated Press Writer Wed Jan 20

BOSTON – As he campaigned for the U.S. Senate from the back of his green pickup, Scott Brown portrayed himself as an independent-minded everyman and moderate candidate fighting the Democratic "machine."

But as a Republican in Massachusetts, Brown sometimes found himself to the right of his own party.

He once proposed an amendment which would have allowed emergency room doctors to deny emergency contraception to rape victims based on the doctor’s religious beliefs, which drew the ire of fellow Republicans. But, Brown voted for the final version of the bill without the amendment.

This is such a fallacious charge that Mr. Brown has filed a criminal complaint against Coakley supporters for making this claim in campaign flyers and advertisements.

He has criticized the federal stimulus program as ineffective, but said he would not return the money.

And in the final weeks of the campaign, Brown benefited from the financial backing of conservative groups like the Tea Party movement which pumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into television ads for him.

And this runs counter to his “everyman image” how?

Like former vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin and even Barack Obama in 2008, Brown is getting a boost from his own limited political resume, according to Julian Zelizer, professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University. In the absence of a strong record or public profile, voters felt free to read into the candidates whatever they want.

"There is a virtue of not being a known commodity and not having tons of experience in the national spotlight," Zelizer said. "With Palin, people knew nothing about her when she was introduced … and that was an asset at first."

You see, like Sarah Palin, Mr. Brown might seem to be wonderful at first. But once we get to know him, we will loathe him as much as we do Mrs. Palin.

Brown was able to craft his own image in the public mind in large part because of an initial lackluster response from Democrat Martha Coakley, the state’s attorney general who was considered by many a shoo-in after double-digit leads in polls coming off a primary win last month.

Only after Brown picked up momentum and polls reflected a tight race did Coakley respond, but it was too little, too late…

If only Ms. Coakley and the Democrats and their lickspittle media had gotten their ‘researchers’ on the job earlier.

While he’s portrayed himself as an independent-minded candidate on the campaign trail, Brown’s campaign has pulled in support from deep-pocketed lobbying and interests groups, from U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Tea Party movement, and the Iowa-based conservative American Future Fund, which spent about $600,000 on an ad saying Coakley "supports the reckless spending by Washington politicians."

How does getting support from a truly grassroots movement not match up with Brown’s image as an “everyman”?

During the campaign, Brown portrayed himself as stronger on national security. He said terror suspects shouldn’t have the same constitutional protections as U.S. citizens, and chastised Coakley for saying there were no al-Qaida terrorists left in Afghanistan.

He also campaigned alongside former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, but a month after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Brown was one of three Massachusetts representatives to vote against a bill that would have granted paid leave to state workers volunteering for disaster relief with the American Red Cross.

How hilarious. – What hypocrisy! It’s clear Mr. Brown cares nothing about national security if he is against paid leave for state workers volunteering for the Red Cross.

He’s also positioned himself to the right of his party’s 2008 presidential nominee, Arizona Sen. John McCain, over the simulated drowning tactic known as waterboarding to gain information from suspected terrorists. McCain, who endorsed Brown, opposes waterboarding.

Brown said he doesn’t believe waterboarding is torture

To the right of John McCain? Doesn’t consider waterboarding torture? — He sounds like an “everyman” to us.

In 2005, Brown sponsored an amendment to a bill requiring hospitals make emergency contraception available to rape victims. Brown’s amendment would have created an exemption for doctors and nurses with "sincerely held religious beliefs" against abortion.

Coakley’s campaign seized on the issue, pointing out that even Brown’s Republican Senate colleagues criticized the proposal, saying the needs of rape victims should come first…

Again, this is a blatant – even criminal – lie. But that doesn’t stop the Associated Press from repeating it twice.

Although he touted the fact he’d put more than 200,000 miles on his truck, Brown earns a comfortable income and owns several properties, including his home in Wrentham, three apartments in Boston and a time share.

We think that is what is called a non-sequitur.

Besides his base Senate salary of $61,440, Brown also reported earning up to $20,000 from his National Guard service and between $80,000 and $100,000 from a law practice in 2008, according to his latest financial statement filed with the state.

Hilarious. Clearly Mr. Brown is no "everyman" — if he is holding down three jobs.

Brown ran in part on a clean cut family image, touring the state dressed in a barn jacket, often with one or both of his daughters in tow. His wife, Gail Huff, a television reporter in Boston, was absent from the campaign until election night.

He’s also served 30 years as a member Massachusetts Army National Guard and holds rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

But while he was a law student, Brown traded on his matinee good looks for work as a model, and while still in law school, he posed nude for Cosmopolitan magazine — in a photo spread with a strategically placed crease in the magazine.

How dare Mr. Brown pretend to be "clean cut" and campaign with his daughters around him, when he posed in his underwear almost thirty years ago?

This is absolutely hilarious.

That is, until one recalls that the Associated Pres is supposed to be a news organization.

This article was posted by Steve on Thursday, January 21st, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

12 Responses to “Brown Doesn’t Match Everyman Image”

  1. Jim22 says:

    Just exactly what part of this article is news? It sounds to me more like the first salvo of BDS (Brown Derangement Syndrome).

    This sounds like it was written by a seventh grader – about the most popular boy in the class.

    • tranquil.night says:

      BDS, CDS (Cheney), PDS (Palin), RDS (Rush).. Liberal mental illness is probably skyrocketing in the past year.

      So let’s summarize the APs points again:

      He proposed ER contraceptions not mandatory for unwilling Doctors (not even a bad idea anyway): Lie

      Backed by the radical Tea Parties: The new litmus test for a winnable candidate.

      Doesn’t believe waterboarding is torture (more “right” than McCain): MA voters voted almost as largely about National Security issues (like Gitmo, Airport and Ft Hood Terrorism, and Civ Trials) as they did HealthCare. Can we safely say that Barack Obama is far more “left” than the bulk of the most left state in the union then?

      He’s rich but he still drives a truck with over 200k miles on it: He knows how to be successful, invest wisely, get the most out of his investments, and on top of it he has time for public service (militarily and politically).

      A late hitpiece from the AP actually only endears me to Scott Brown more. Just keep divin off the cliff guys.

  2. Reality Bytes says:

    What’s not to like? “He’s clean – articulate”.

  3. proreason says:

    I wouldn’t want to be a daughter of Scott Brown today.

    • MinnesotaRush says:

      Naw. It should be alright, Pro.

      ‘Member .. o-blah-blah said to “leave the families out of it .. that’s out of bounds .. off limits”.

      Oh yeah! Guess he meant to say “Democrat’s families”.

      Sorry. I must of been in a warp of some sort. :-)

  4. swee says:

    I’d say watch for the media assaults on Brown to ratchet up as the blindsided AP and other news outlets play catch up. He’ll dumbed down to Palin’s level in no time. He’ll be given the Dan Quayle treatment for the all the supposedly “stupid” stuff he says.

  5. jobeth says:

    The left is so sour and angry they couldn’t reconize a passing joke if they tripped over it. Most of us have joked to others about giving our kids away. Even to a ‘prospective’ new spouse

    Only a dried up lib would make something big out of something so silly.

    All that, and this article tells me is he is so squeaky clean they can’t get purchase on something to drag him through the gauntlet of the left.
    He and Palin are trouble to them….* BIG SMILE! And that makes my day!

    I love the comments that he is to the right of John McCain, as if that is hard to be.

    “Brown’s campaign has pulled in support from deep-pocketed lobbying and interests groups, from U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Tea Party movement, and the Iowa-based conservative American Future Fund”,

    And we all know how extreme all those tea party grannies and business owners are…I mean look at all the evil deeds that have come from those groups! America is not safe from their activities! /sarc

    If this article was meant to paint him as a poor choice…it fell flat.

  6. Laree says:

    The Sharks In A Feeding Frenzy? There Is Blood In The Political Waters Over This Brown Win In The Bluest Massachusetts. The Kossacks are Attacking Hillbuzz.

    Meanwhile Billy Jeff Weighs In On Hog Futures ;)

    I linked to Monica Crowleys’s article, and post on this topic The Return Of 42. Bill Clinton met with Barack H Obama to give him some advice. I think it’s a mistake to underestimate Bill Clinton at anytime, anywhere but the Obama administration isn’t strong on their learning from history….If I was Barack H Obama, I would be watching my back. On Michelle Malkin’s Blog she has a post up The Kossacks are attacking Hillbuzz, how stupid is this to attack Hillary Clinton Supporters?

    There is blood in the water over this Scott Brown Win…battle lines are being drawn.


  7. “We think that is what is called a non-sequitur.”

    Since the man is on his way to Washington, I think that applies to this whole opinion (hit) piece.

    Although, it is rather humorous that these stenographers at the AP are investigating this politician only after he won an election – kinda like a prominent politician who now resides on Pennsylvania Avenue.

    The AP is nothing, if not consistent.

  8. sabbahillel says:

    Brown ran in part on a clean cut family image, touring the state dressed in a barn jacket, often with one or both of his daughters in tow. His wife, Gail Huff, a television reporter in Boston, was absent from the campaign until election night.

    So the fact that his wife has a job and did not abandon it to appear in the campaign is supposed to be bad?

  9. Georgfelis says:

    “…owns several properties, including his home in Wrentham”

    *gasp* He’s a…homeowner! How could anyone vote for this heartless fiend?

    Sheesh. I certainly hope this writer (Steve) never eats anything more spicy than vanilla pudding, or he could have dizzy spells. Steve, you need to get out more. See the sun once in a while. Talk to live human beans. Turn the TV to something other than CNN. And get a life.

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