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Browner Out As Obama’s Climate Czar

From a tear soaked Associated Press:

AP sources: Browner leaving as Obama adviser

By Dina Cappiello, Associated Press
January 25, 2011

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama’s top adviser on energy and climate matters is stepping down, two White House officials confirmed Monday. The departure of Carol Browner underscores that there will be no major White House push on climate change, given that such efforts have little chance of succeeding on Capitol Hill.

Tell that to John Kerry. Mr. Kerry is claiming that Mr. Obama is going to announce major ‘climate change’ initiatives during his State of the Union address this evening.

Browner, a former Environmental Protection Agency administrator under President Bill Clinton, will be leaving the White House just as Republicans in Congress prepare to take on the Obama administration over global warming and the administration’s response to the massive Gulf oil spill.

In other words, she is vamoosing just one step ahead of investigations by the GOP.

Browner successfully helped negotiate a deal with automakers boosting federal fuel economy standards and requiring the first-ever greenhouse gas emissions standards for vehicles. She also pushed for billions of dollars for renewable energy in the economic stimulus bill.

And look at what a boon to the economy that was.

But the administration fell short on it key domestic priority of passing a comprehensive energy and climate bill to place a firm limit on the pollution blamed for global warming. Just after the November elections, which gave Republicans a majority of seats in the House, Obama admitted the legislation was dead

Yes, Mr. Obama admitted "legislation was dead." But as we noted at the time, he also announced that there was more than one way ‘of skinning the cat.’ Which is to say he vowed to accomplish ‘Cap And Trade’ via regulations and executive orders.

Scott Segal, an energy lobbyist with Bracewell & Giuliani, said Browner’s exit could "be a part of a legitimate effort to pay careful attention to addressing some of the real regulatory obstacles in the way of job creation."

Dream on.

Besides regulations to curb global warming, industry groups — and Republicans on Capitol Hill — are questioning a host of EPA rules targeting other air pollutants as job killers that will increase the costs of doing business.

Notice how the AP thoughtfully couples Congressional Republicans with "industry groups."

And recently Browner’s office had come under scrutiny for politicizing the response to the massive Gulf oil spill. The commission set up by Obama to investigate the disaster said Browner misconstrued on national television the findings of a federal scientific report by saying most of the oil was gone. The White House later said she misspoke

So, ironically, probably the only time Ms. Browner ever spoke the truth – she was accused of misspeaking. How typical.

Browner’s office also has been criticized by the Interior Department inspector general for editing a department document in a manner that implied scientists supported the administration’s decision to place a moratorium on deep water drilling. The commission found no evidence that the change made was intentional, and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar later apologized for the misunderstanding

So now that Ms. Browner is leaving she is being blamed for this bit of skullduggery, instead of Mr. Salazar? Again, how typical. It is also typical that the drilling moratorium that these scientists universally opposed has been extended by Mr. Obama for seven more years.

Still, to borrow from Shakespeare and the Scottish play, ‘nothing in her job became her like the leaving it.’

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9 Responses to “Browner Out As Obama’s Climate Czar”

  1. retire05 says:

    I am sure this is good news to Greg Abbott who, as the Attorney General for the State of Texas, has sued the EPA over its oppressive violation of the 10 Amendment and a state’s right to determine its own clean air regulations. Now that Ms. Browner is no longer protected by the Oval Office, I am sure she will be required to testify.

    It is very, very clear to anyone paying attention that this administration intends to force its “global warming” agenda on the American people, if not by legislation, then by presidential fiat. Meanwhile, the whole global warming, or if we chose to be politically correct in our wordsmithing, climate change, theory is falling apart at the seams for the cheap suit it is. We know that it has nothing to do with “saving the planet” but has everything to do with redistributing wealth from the U.S. to third world nations, reducing the U.S. to be just like them.

    Now, next on the list of those to be thrown under the bus should be Cass Sunstein.

  2. proreason says:

    The guillotine is too humane

  3. Mae says:

    I guess you could call this a “brown out.” How appropriate seeing as how we can expect energy rationing if the little dictator is re-elected, if not before.

  4. GetBackJack says:

    My contempt for Browner knows no boundaries. Maybe ya’ll will recall she and her posse from the EPA showed up to see a demonstration of our Landfill In A Box; a technology that would eliminate landfills and return 99% of all waste back to earth as nutrients … and then she killed it.

  5. 64dodger says:

    Browner is a flat out communist who should never be allowed to hold public office. She hates America.

  6. canary says:

    Wake up. Some new Journal show on FOX news anchor was saying that not much environmental change has happened. And even the EPA said it. That is one ignorant anchor.

    The Federal Stimulus money is all connected with new regulations passed by the EPA that is going to really take it’s toll on low income families.
    I have minutes from my city and state where they go to DC and are told Obama main focus is rewarding green. The state is becoming a business. Utilities offering to sell new heating/air global units at low interest.
    Free audits of your house. Anyone that falls for that will find out their gas or electric cut off over some new regulation. Well, now we will have to test for lead paint, as putting in your unit will cause “paint disturbance”
    EPA calls paint disturbance sanding you paint. Drilling a hole in your painted wall. And they will pop those lead tests that only lead test kits bought from the EPA are legal.
    Check all the organizations involved before anything can be built. Imagine an attorney having argue the “well the schools are using those temp buildings for classrooms for twenty years now”. And any “go head” has a limit to be reviewed in a year or two.
    Another example is there is a leak in “their” gas line on your property, and it’s in the regulations they fix any leak within 40 feet. The gas company will just say well you’ll have hire a plumber to drill a hole through your home so we can move the meter up next to your house.
    You can argue the regulations with the company, but meanwhile you won’t have heating or hot water. So, they force you to do things that aren’t even regulated yet. And you can bet the electric and gas companies all have names and phone numbers for companies you can call to do the work you need done. And then all the companies get brownie points as in federal stimulus money as this mess spreads like a wild fire.

  7. P. Aaron says:

    Climate Change: It was cold yesterday. It’s not so cold today. Should we be concerned?

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