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Bulldozer Rampages Before Obama Visit

From an understanding Reuters:

Bulldozer on Jerusalem rampage before Obama visit

By Rebecca Harrison

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – A Palestinian rammed a bulldozer into vehicles on a busy Jerusalem street on Tuesday, ahead of a visit by U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, and wounded 16 people before being shot dead.

The attack, just down the road from the hotel where Obama was to stay, was the second such incident in Jewish west Jerusalem in three weeks

The attack occurred while Israeli President Shimon Peres hosted Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at his official residence less than a kilometer (half-mile) away

“The bulldozer driver left a construction site, and hit two cars,” a police spokesman said. “A civilian who saw what was happening, shot him. The bulldozer continued on its way. A border police patrol … continued to shoot and the terrorist was killed.”

The bulldozer also hit a bus. Emergency services said at least 16 people were wounded, one seriously. After the attack, police set up a cordon around the yellow bulldozer and the slumped body of the driver inside…

There was no immediate claim of responsibility. The attack was praised by Hamas Islamists in the Gaza Strip as “a natural reaction to the crimes of the (Israeli) occupation.”

Obama, scheduled to hold talks with Israeli and Palestinian leaders on Wednesday, was due to stay in Jerusalem at the King David Hotel, less than 200 meters (yards) from the scene of the attack. Police said they had no immediate evidence to suggest it was linked to the visit

Tuesday’s attack coincided with the first visit by a Palestinian president to Israel’s official presidential residence

These bulldozers are getting to be as bad as SUVs.

Allah forbid that Reuters put ‘Palestinian’ in the headline. No, it was just another out of control bulldozer.

Tuesday’s attack coincided with the first visit by a Palestinian president to Israel’s official presidential residence.

But of course Reuters interpreted it as somehow having more to do with the forthcoming visit of Mr. Obama.

But how is the anointed one expected to heal bulldozers?

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