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Bunning Tries To Enforce ‘PAYGO’ Rule

From context-free Associated Press:

Senate impasse puts federal employees out of work

By Joan Lowy, Associated Press Writer Mon Mar 1

WASHINGTON – Two thousand federal transportation workers will be furloughed without pay on Monday, and the Obama administration said they have a Kentucky senator to blame for it.

Which means that two thousand federal transportation workers will get an unplanned paid vacation, since these “furloughed” government workers always get paid in the end.

Federal reimbursements to states for highway programs will also be halted, the Transportation Department said in a statement late Sunday. The reimbursements amount to about $190 million a day, according to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

The furloughs and freeze on payments were the result of a decision last week by Republican Sen. Jim Bunning to block passage of legislation that would have extended federal highway and transit programs, the department said. Those programs expired at midnight Sunday.

Who knew that one lone senator from the minority party could wreak so much damage to our economy?

(There are other reports that ‘unemployment advocates’ are calling for Mr. Bunning to be removed from Baseball’s Hall of Fame at Cooperstown.)

The extension of transportation programs was part of a larger package of government programs that also expired Sunday, including unemployment benefits for about 400,000 Americans.

Bunning objected to the $10 billion measure, saying it would add to the budget deficit. He didn’t immediately respond to a request Sunday for comment.

Senator Bunning noted that Congress is supposed to be acting under its newly reinstated PAYGO provisions, which Mr. Obama signed signed into law on February 12. Under PAYGO Congress is required to find offsets (reduced spending or increased taxes) to pay for any new spending legislation.

Instead, Congress wanted to exempt this bill, which is the very first bill to come before them under PAYGO.

We thought Mr. Obama and his fellow Democrats were major proponents of PAYGO? Was it all ‘just words’?

In any case, Mr. Bunning’s actual motives would seem to be a minor detail that the AP doesn’t want its reader to know.

The impasse has provided the administration with an opening to excoriate Republicans for allowing popular programs to run out, even if only for a short time.

And it also allows our watchdog media to do the same, while withholding the facts of the matter from its poor benighted readers.

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7 Responses to “Bunning Tries To Enforce ‘PAYGO’ Rule”

  1. 64dodger says:

    Notice there is no mention in the story about the bomb threats against Bunnings office by the Leftists.

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    ‘[A]bout 50 officers—some toting M-4 rifles and others guiding bomb-sniffing dogs—took up position in Union Station in a new initiative aimed at …

  2. proreason says:

    ” Mr. Obama signed signed into law on February 12. Under PAYGO Congress is required to find offsets (reduced spending or increased taxes) to pay for any new spending legislation.”

    well geez, that was 19 days ago.

    Isn’t there a statute of limitations on this stuff?

    And nobody thought that there was any intent to enforce that bill anyway.

    Everybody knows it was a show bill to buttress our little congressional criminals as they lie about fiscal responsibility.

  3. GetBackJack says:

    The original 4,440 words of the Constitution and the ten words of the God’s Commandments are enough for me and mine.

    Let’s do some reductionist politics and strip all this Federal nonsense to the effing bone. And stop when we reveal the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration as they were written.

    Not … interpreted or ‘expanded upon’.

    As they actually are.

  4. U NO HOO says:

    “transportation workers will be furloughed without pay on Monday”

    Relax, everyone, I just looked out my front window, the street is still there.


  5. jobeth says:

    “Who knew that one lone senator from the minority party could wreak so much damage to our economy? ”

    a couple changes in this sentence, and it will be perfect….It should read…

    “Who knew that one lone former senator from the majority party could wreak so much damage to our economy? ”

    Because in fact, none of this would be an issue if it weren’t for the actions of O’Balmy.

    I just hope Bunning becomes an inspiration to others from both sides of the isle. ENOUGH!

    I had a few days where I could breath a tad easier. We are back to the VERY tense worrying again. This stuff won’t end until we can get the majority back and this treasonous president out of office…dragging his commie friends with him. God Help us.

    • proreason says:

      The new scheme of a “much smaller” bill is very dangerous.

      He will demagogue that it is a compromise, when in fact will be just a mini version of all of the bad things they want plus one or two things the Republicans have called for. And of course, he will continue to lie through his teeth about the costs and “benefits”.

      But he will have a case that will persuade some people because they aren’t fully aware that the real danger is the camel’s nose getting into the tent.

    • jobeth says:

      The thought that he would give up anything in his bill is a fools hope.

      He may put a couple of things that the Repubs want…after he re-writes it to neuter it or create a committee to “study” it as in the “waste” fix. Thus costing even more for that layer.

      And of course the committee will be appointed by him…and will be made up of people who “owe” him one so it would never come up with even one useful fix.

      It’s all a shell game…smoke and mirrors. He’s never going to give up an inch. He has his orders (from the stealth cabal) and knows he can’t veer from the course.

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