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Burma Will Now Accept UN Aid, But Not US

From those open-hearted philanthropists at Reuters:

Burmese soldiers unload relief goods sent by India, meant for survivors of Cyclone Nargis, at a port in Yangon.

U.N. agency to resume Myanmar aid flights

ROME (Reuters) – The U.N. World Food Program said on Friday it would resume aid flights to cyclone-struck Myanmar, despite the military government’s seizure of deliveries at Yangon airport.

“The World Food Program has decided to send in two relief flights as planned tomorrow, while discussions continue with the Government of Myanmar on the distribution of the food that was flown in today, and not released to WFP,” Nancy E. Roman, WFP’s communications director, said in a statement.

The U.N. food agency had previously said it would suspend aid flights over the seizure.

How kind of them.

(Of course they didn’t want to have to face a stiff letter from the United Nations.)

Still, they aren’t caving completely to the forces of evil.

From an understanding Associated Press:

Myanmar still will not accept US aid workers

YANGON, Myanmar – The top U.S. diplomat in Myanmar says the junta is not ready to accept American aid workers to help cyclone survivors.

Shari Villarosa, the U.S. charge d’affairs in Yangon, said she met with Myanmar Deputy Foreign Minister Kyaw Thu on Friday to discuss American relief operations.

Myanmar says it will accept aid from all countries, but prohibits the entry of foreign workers who would deliver and manage the operations.

Villarosa said she was told the junta is “not ready” to change that position.

Hopefully they will still take our money.

They always have in the past.

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