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AP: “Most Senators” Want Troops Home Now

From those defenders of terror at the Associated Press:

Bush defends military buildup in Iraq


By DEB RIECHMANN, Associated Press Writer

KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine – President Bush, who faces mounting congressional pressure to end the war, called Saturday for patience as U.S. forces conduct stepped-up operations in Iraq.

“We’re still at the beginning of this offensive, but we’re seeing some hopeful signs,” Bush said in his weekly radio address, in which he likened U.S. troops deployed around the globe to the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

“We’re engaging the enemy, and killing or capturing hundreds,” said Bush, who is losing GOP support for his decision in January to send 30,000 extra troops to Iraq to secure Baghdad and Anbar…

The White House thought it had until September, when military commanders are to give an assessment of Iraq. But most senators now believe troops should start coming home within the next few months, and House Republicans are calling to revive the independent Iraq Study Group to give the nation new options

The press never stops pressing for their agenda. They never take a day off.

Where is there any evidence that “most senators now believe troops should start coming home within the next few months”?

And never mind that the old women of the “Iraq Study Group” themselves called for this surge:

We could, however, support a short-term redeployment or surge of American combat forces to stabilize Baghdad, or to speed up the training and equipping mission, if the U.S. commander in Iraq determines that such steps would be effective.

Also, please note the photo that the AP chose to run with their hit piece. You see, Bush is vacationing while our soldiers are dying.

They are not very subtle.

But hey, it’s worked before. 

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