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Bush Provides FEMA Aid For Inauguration

From the White House (really):

Statement on Federal Emergency Assistance for the District of Columbia

The President today declared an emergency exists in the District of Columbia and ordered Federal aid to supplement the District’s response efforts in support of the 56th Presidential Inauguration.

The President’s action makes Federal funding available to the District of Columbia.

Specifically, assistance is available to the District for emergency protective measures that are undertaken to save lives and protect public health and safety. Direct Federal assistance, at 100 percent Federal funding will be provided during the period of January 17-21, 2009, and reimbursement of emergency protective measures (Category B), under the Public Assistance program, at 100 percent Federal funding for work performed on January 20, 2009. FEMA will reimburse for eligible emergency protective measures performed on January 20, 2009, only if the District has expended on the Presidential Inauguration during the period of January 17-21, 2009, the $15 million appropriated to it for "Emergency Planning and Security Costs" by the Continuing Appropriations Resolution 2009, P.L. 110-329.

R. David Paulison, Administrator, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Department of Homeland Security, named Donald L. Keldsen as the Federal Coordinating Officer for Federal recovery operations in the affected area.


Yes, you are reading that right.

President Bush is giving Federal Emergency (FEMA) aid to Washington DC, to help pay for Mr. Obama’s extravagant coronation ceremonies.

Thank goodness we have our priorities.

This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, January 13th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

20 Responses to “Bush Provides FEMA Aid For Inauguration”

  1. mrfocus says:

    I support President Bush. O! is a disaster.

  2. pinandpuller says:

    President Bush will be flown over the scene four days later to survey the wreckage.

    • Confucius says:

      Very funny!

      Maybe this is Bush’s attempt to re-do Katrina.

      1. There will be a “flood” of people.
      2. Most of them are predicted to be black.
      3. Most, if not all, will be Democrats.
      4. Many will be crying with out-stretched arms.
      5. All the news media and Hollywood glitterati will be there.

      In this light, perhaps this is why Bush triggered FEMA . . . and did it early. And perhaps all the trailers have been recycled into porta-potties.

  3. spiffyw says:

    I was in DC when Nixon was inaugurated in 68′ and saw the commie Reds a block away trying to disrupt the activities .
    For the first time in my life I was totally freaked and thought anarchy was going to win .
    How many reds will be charging up the street for o’s
    Oh and I didn’t’ go to a ball cause it was 120 bucks and beers were almost a buck. 90 cents and a ten cent tip .
    I was a big tipper back then.

  4. Liberals Demise says:

    The REDS will be center stage for this event. What a difference four decades makes, eh?

  5. 1republicanscientist says:

    Oh yes they need FEMA aid……the amount of bull(*&(* flying around is going to land and stick in that general area. If we are in a recession, shouldn’t He be inaugurated in a sheet metal shack with a burn barrel outside full of his aunts chickens and goats? Is big michelle going to wear a potato sack?????? This is making me insane. Wait a minute…..will there be a resurfacing of chocolate ray (Mr. Hanky)?

  6. heykev says:

    I”m not sure what happened to Bush in these last few months for him to abandon capitalism. I find it had to believe that it’s solely in hopes of propping his “legacy”.

  7. JohnMG says:

    I thought Obama pledged to VETO any pork barrel spending. Fifteen million bucks for four-and-one-half days?!! How much federal money is being spent to fly his half-relatives here and back? Is there no one else who thinks this stupidity is over the top??!!

    Change??!!! Holy shit!! Is this not galling enough for anyone?? I wouldn’t care if they burned the friggin’ place to the ground!!

    What? Don’t have enough police? You want change? I’d give you change!! Declare open season on the miscreants. Deputize the citizenry. Give shoot-to-kill orders and then carry them out. Leave the rotting carcases in the street. This whole administration will end in anarchy, anyway. Why prolong the suffering?

    Let the festivities begin!!

    This is absurd!!

    • Liberals Demise says:

      “….flying half relatives here and back…..”
      John, it is only half the price if you just fly them here. The first Halfbro President is watching the pennies these days so he can account to the peoples where the millions went. I mean, after all……he’s one of us now and Mammy Michele is soooo prouds of America…..finally!!

  8. wardmama4 says:

    Ah but, but the people want it and we have to give the people what they want – I hear that all the time in regards to network tv and hollyweird – even though those two are sinking faster than a boulder in the ocean. [Of course that also disregards the 70% of Americans who want to Drill Here, Drill Now and of course the 100% of taxpayers who want to pay No Taxes or even just a reasonable 10% – then of course the wants of the people can be ignored]

    Yepper, yepper – The One ™ will cut our defense budget down to pennies, cut out all rational and reasonable expenditures – while upping taxes on the middle class to the extortionary mark and just excuse the he!! out of wasting a few million to honor his *cough* *cough* historic (I know it is historic – CNN is now running a historic commercial advertising their historic coverage of this historic event – which I will historically miss – haven’t watched one yet, why bother now) Immaculate Inauguration.

    Typical Liberal Person. What change is that? Ever.

    • caligirl9 says:

      I plan on avoiding any and all television on Tuesday.

      This isn’t an inauguration, it’s a coronation.

      And I am surrounded by clueless liberals who are planning on taking Tuesday morning off work to watch the coronation. There are tickets being sold to watch the coronation in Oakland at Oracle Arena. Whoop!

    • A Mad Pole says:

      Caligirl, I would not mind having a coronation if the king were a God-fearing, conservative monarch.

  9. BillK says:

    In case you had any doubt Bush had “jettisoned his free market principles.”

    At this rate, Bush will be able to run for Congress as a Democrat in 2010.

  10. wardmama4 says:

    Hey I knew it was coming – just did not know that SanFranGranNan had the balls to do it even before the Immaculate Inauguration – H.J.Res.5 – Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President.

    [Of course this OT but goes to an interesting query – is all the Clintonista heavy loading – payback for Her Royal Clinton stepping aside for The One’s ™ accension to the POTUS or a setup for 2012?!?]

    We must keep our eyes on every single bill and piece (of crap) legislation that these dangerous, destructive people are shoving through Congress each and every day. The CrapWeasel King, his Administration and the ultimate CrapWeasels in Congress are out to destroy America from within.

    Pray for America. It is only the beginning.

    • artpa says:

      That is some scary %$#@ wardmama4, next step in this chavez like transformation is emperor for life…. see FDR, the reason for the 22nd amendment. This might make it through committee but I doubt it. If it does, I could see it making it through the house on a 2/3rds vote, but not the senate and the states. I’m praying, God help us!

  11. proreason says:

    No limit to liberal schemes to steal our money.

  12. A Mad Pole says:

    Given that Obama’s presidency will be a national distater, I can see the logic behind activating the FEMA. Hopefully, they will do a better job cleaning up the Obama mess than they did when Katrina hit.

    Oh, wait, they are a government agency, never mind.

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