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9/11 ‘Truther’ Attacks Teen In Wheelchair

From the New York Post:



April 24, 2008 — A man heckling First Lady Laura Bush and daughter Jenna outside the 92nd Street Y was arrested after he punched a wheelchair-bound girl whose parents had told him to shut up, authorities said yesterday. German Talis, 22, was shouting obscenities at the Bushes, who were leaving the building Tuesday, when he crossed paths with Wendy and John Lovetro and their daughter Maureen, 18, who has cerebral palsy.

They had been in the audience to hear the Bushes talk about their children’s book, “Read All About It.”

“He began yelling about Iraq and Iran at Jenna Bush. She was waving at the crowd. I told the guy, ‘What are you doing? Shut up. This is about a child and books,’ ” said John Lovetro. “He was unperturbed. I said, ‘Get out of here! You’re being a moron!’ ”

The next thing he knew, Talis was allegedly punching Maureen – a fan of the first lady since meeting her in 2004.

“I heard my daughter hysterical yelling, ‘He’s hitting me!’ ” said Wendy Lovetro.

“He punched her on the shoulder blades, but that wasn’t enough,” she said.

“My husband pushed the wheelchair away from him and he reached beyond my husband and began pounding my daughter in the thigh.”

The two men fought as the president’s family drove off. Cops broke them up and busted Talis on charges of assault and resisting arrest.

Maureen was not seriously injured.

Is there any doubt that these people are insane?


Apparently our hero Mr. Talis is a “truther.”

From a site called We Are Change, via YouTube:

Provocateur Attacks WeAreCHANGE

Our proud member Gary, who was confronting Laura & Jenna Bush was threatened by an unknown individual. This unknown individual was much taller and larger than Gary. For no reason this individual started to lunge at Gary and punch him and beat him. Gary did not defend himself or fight back. Gary was the victim and did not strike once at the unknown individual. This provocateur provoked an attack by trying to instigate a fight and now Gary was arrested and is now facing third degree assault charges by this unknown provocateur. Gary will be arraigned tomorrow morning please call the 19th Precinct and ask them why Gary was unlawfully arrested and charged with a third degree assault charge when he is innocent and obviously the victim.

Matt Lepacek was released tonight with a summons for disorderly conduct and will go to court in the future.

19th Precinct
153 E 67th Street
3rd & Lex, New York, NY 10065
(212) 452-0600

Disclaimer: Please when calling the precinct please be polite and courteous to the police officers. We Are Change does not advocate any threats of violence of any kind.

What a surprise, huh?

Apparently Mr. Talis has wanted to become an “opinion maker” for several years now:

Learn How To Become An Independent Online Journalist/Reporter/Opinion Maker


gary talis

I am very much interested in this internship. With today’s corporate control over the media, sadly influencing the public opinion, this opportunity shall bring forth the power to expose falsehoods in today’s corporate controlled media headlines. I shall be honored to share my research and historical facts concerning the secret agenda of the federal reserve banking system and its corporations merging with state power over the people creating a fascist world government. Please email me with details concerning this very important opportunity to allow my research to be heard.

Sadly, it looks like Mr. Talis has finally succumbed to the dangerous voices in his head.


And here is the latest on this courageous uprising against the man from We Are Change:

The Media Smear Campaign Has Begun

Posted: Thursday, April 24, 2008

The great enemy of the republic, the media, has struck again. “BUSH BASHER SMASHES DISABLED TEEN” is the headline from today’s April 24, 2008 New York Post Article: in which Germin (Gary) Talis is slandered by reporter Philip Messing. “BDS Outbreak: Anti-war nut attacks wheelchair-bound girl” is the heading from Neo-con cheerleader Michelle Malkin.

Both articles depict Gary as a heartless villain, attacking a handicapped girl—all of which is the furthest from the truth. Gary did not and has never lifted a hand toward any citizen, as confirmed by all witnesses. We will be releasing a video interview of Gary after his release from central bookings explaining exactly what took place, followed by the witnesses, all of whom corroborate his statement. It is without question that Gary is the victim of Assault. This poor girl is being used to engage the peaceful activist of We Are Change. John Lovetro, the girl’s father, struck Gary leaving a flesh wound under his right eye. Gary, aware of his rights, did not at any time defend himself and yet remains the victim, now facing charges of 3rd degree assault. We Are Change will pursue legal action against all individuals and organizations that violate our civil rights. We will not be physically assaulted, and we will not stand for slander and lies.

Help us prevail, if you are a civil rights attorney and willing to donate or offer reduced rates please contact Matt Lepacek at pursuitofliberty@gmail.com.

We Are Change is a peaceful non violent activist organization.

Yes, these people are all about getting out the truth.

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