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Bush Invites Putin To Kennebunkport

From those lovers of thuggish Communist dictators at the Washington Post:

Bush Reaches to Putin as Relations Continue to Slide

By Peter Baker and Peter Finn
Thursday, May 31, 2007; Page A01

President Bush yesterday launched a high-stakes effort to repair the dramatically deteriorating U.S. relationship with Russia by inviting President Vladimir Putin to visit the family compound in Kennebunkport, Maine, after weeks of rhetoric reminiscent of the Cold War.

The White House has grown increasingly alarmed lately with the harsh tone coming out of Moscow and its hardening positions on issues that include Iran’s nuclear program, Kosovo statehood and missile defense. Administration officials said privately that the situation has reached a crisis stage and needs to be reversed before it gets worse.

Although the president’s aides do not expect to resolve the stickiest issues dividing the two sides during the visit to the Bush family retreat on the rocky Maine coast July 1-2, they hope the relaxed setting will restore U.S.-Russian relations to a more constructive footing. In more than six years as president, Bush has never asked any foreign leader to join him at his parents’ seaside home until now, and aides hope Putin will be impressed with the show of intimacy…

The two sides are at loggerheads over several contentious issues. Bush wants Russia to do more to press Iran to give up its nuclear program, while Moscow objects to U.S.-backed independence for Kosovo, the U.N.-administered southern province of Serbia. Most combustible has been the U.S. plan to deploy missile defense systems in Eastern Europe, a move Russia sees as an unjustified provocation in its backyard.

The Bush administration may have misjudged how much the missile defense plan would rile the Kremlin. U.S. officials have been shocked by the tenor of the Russian response. Putin recently appeared to compare U.S. policy to that of the Third Reich and suspended compliance with a major arms-control treaty to protest the missile defense. Just this week, he accused the United States of turning Europe into a “powder keg,” and his government announced it has tested a new multiple-warhead missile that could penetrate any U.S. anti-missile shield.

Anti-American rhetoric has become a staple of Kremlin-controlled television and many Russian political speeches, a reflection according to analysts of both genuine grievances and a desire to assert Russia’s revival as a world power under Putin. The Kremlin views Western lecturing on democracy in Russia as an attempt to derail Putin’s carefully orchestrated succession plans…

Exactly who is to blame for the “sliding” of US and Russian?

Mr. Putin is a tyrannical thug who is reverting to type (if he ever left it). The US has bent over backwards to ignore that fact.

Indeed, Mr. Putin has become far more belligerent since the US paved the way for their entrance into the World Trade Organization last year.

Sometimes a slap works better than a hug.

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