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New York Times Lied, Thousands Died – Katrina

From the paper of record:

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Katrina Misses New Orleans, Heavily Damages Mississippi

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

By Joseph B. Treaster and Kate Zernike


Hurricane Katrina pounded the Gulf Coast with devastating force at daybreak Monday, sparing New Orleans the catastrophic hit that had been feared but inundating parts of the city and heaping damage on neighboring Mississippi where it tossed boats, ripped away scores of roof tops and left many of the major coastal roadways impassable.

In fact, the Washington Post, CBS News, NBC, NPR and many others in the omniscient establishment pressalso reported New Orleans had been spared.

Check out Google:

"New Orleans + spared"

Of course, these other organs were probably just parroting what the Times pronounced, as is their wont.

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