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Goodbye For Now – Camp Casey Packs Up

Another missive from Angela Brown, Mother Sheehan's love slave press agent at the Associated Press:

Protesters Shutter Crawford Campsite

By ANGELA K. BROWN, Associated Press Writer

Dozens of war protesters packed up their tents and left their campsite near President Bush's ranch after a weeklong demonstration, but they promised to return at Easter if U.S. troops are still in Iraq.

About 200 people participated in the protest, which coincided with Bush's Thanksgiving holiday visit to his ranch and wound up Sunday. It was a continuation of the August demonstration led by activist Cindy Sheehan, whose son Casey was killed in Iraq last year.

Protesters credit the summer vigil, which they say attracted some 12,000 people over 26 days, with shifting American sentiment about the war. They said they returned during Thanksgiving week to keep pressure on Bush to end the war, even though they knew turnout would be lower during the holidays.

A few Bush supporters gathered again Sunday in the Crawford Coffee Station parking lot, where a store marquee read: "You are home. We support you. Happy Thanksgiving." One Bush supporter had signs — "Score: Cindy, 3. USA, 403" — referring to House Republicans' recent vote on a nonbinding resolution to pull out the troops from Iraq that was rejected 403-3.

In addition to promising a return for Easter, many protesters plan to return to the area for the January court date of 12 activists arrested last week. They challenged the new county bans on roadside parking and camping by setting up tents at Sheehan's original site, in ditches off the main road leading to Bush's ranch.

"We're here for the long haul. As long as this country is at war with Iraq, we'll be here to oppose it," said [vicious anti-Semitic Iraqi] Hadi Jawad, a co-founder of the Crawford Peace House, which opened a month after the war began in March 2003. "I think Crawford has become a point of pilgrimage to a lot of people. This has become hallowed ground."

The landowner who let the anti-war demonstrators use the property the last few weeks of the August vigil has leased it to them through next year. And before last week's demonstration, the group had water and electricity installed.

There sure is a lot of million man math going on in this article. I've never seen anything by way of photos or reportage to suggest there were anything like 200 people attending this shindig.

The most I ever saw was about a dozen, and that is counting the media.

One also wonders who footed the bills? The lease on the property, the huge tent, the props — not to mention putting in water and electricity. It must have cost about $10,000 per actual attendee.

Oh, well, Cindy's book-signing photos were worth it. At least I hope Daddy Anti-Warbucks (aka George Soros) sees it that way.

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