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Bid For Date With Cindy Sheehan – On Ebay

Dignity? It just doesn’t get more dignified than auctioning off yourself on eBay. But, really, shouldn’t Mother Sheehan wait until she’s been elected to the Senate before she puts herself up for sale?

Notice that the starting bid was only $900, which is quite a bargain considering her speaking fee is reported to be $30,000 a pop. I suspect, like her good pal George Galloway, she just hasn’t been finding many takers at her regular asking price.

Note too that al-Cindy refuses to honor the bid if it comes from a group she doesn’t like. I wonder how that comports with eBay’s policies?

Speaking Engagement with Cindy Sheehan

Have Cindy speak to your group. Proceeds to nonprofit.   Item number: 6034322259


Current bid: US $1,025.00

Time left: 3 days 7 hours
7-day listing, Ends Feb-12-06 18:45:00 PST
History: 4 bids   (US $900.00 starting bid)
Item location: United States
United States
Ships to: United States
Shipping costs: FREE — Other (see description)

Go down  Shipping, payment details and return policy

Speaking Engagement with Cindy Sheehan

Have this courageous mother and powerful advocate for truth speak to your group.

The journey toward truth often begins with one simple act of faith and determination.

Cindy Sheehan spent months searching for answers for why her son had to give his life in Iraq, and months traveling across the country wading through the spin and the lies seeking a truth that never came. When enough was at long last enough, Cindy went to Crawford, Texas and sat down.

And in that one quiet moment of determination, a ripple of truth became a great river, joined in its journey by the tributaries of thousands of others who could not ignore the simple power of one grieving mother asking, "Why?"

Cindy has become an inspiration to many who fight for truth. She is an example of the extraordinary power we each possess to make change in the world.

Because we in the progressive community are on this journey with her, Cindy is generously donating some of her time to help raise money for the YearlyKos Convention (see below for more info on YearlyKos).

You are bidding on a speaking engagement with Cindy Sheehan . Cindy will come speak to a group of your choice (within the continental US)*, and any speaking fees and transportation costs will be waived ( your group will only need to provide lodging for the night ).

This is a wonderful opportunity to treat your group to an evening of motivation, inspiration, truth, and t he indomitable power of a mother’s love… and you get to help out the progressive cause, to boot! How great is that?

* Note: Because of the obvious potential for right-wing shenanigans, Cindy retains the right to refuse to speak to groups antithetical to her cause or offensive to her beliefs. If no group can be agreed upon, the winning bidder will receive a full refund.


The proceeds of this auction benefit the YearlyKos organization. YearlyKos is dedicated to organizing and supporting an annual meeting of progressive netroot activists. The first YearlyKos will provide 1500 convention attendants and tens of thousands of online participants (via webcasting and live blogging) with training sessions, panel discussions, and lectures by leading lights of the blogosphere (including activists, politicians, and technical experts). Most importantly, it will provide the opportunity for progressive citizens to meet with each other and form connections.  Our auction proceeds will go toward our effort to keep the registration cost at an affordable level and include as many people as possible in this important meeting-of-minds. Non-profit status pending in the state of Pennsylvania.

Please bid generously!

The 2006 YearlyKos convention will be held in Las Vegas at the Riviera Hotel, June 8 – 11. You can find out more at www.yearlykos.org.

Shipping & Payment

No shipping is required for this item.

Payment accepted via Paypal.

Word to the wise. Make sure you check out the return policy.

As her ex-husband and the rest of her erstwhile family discovered, professional protesters are very high maintenance.

And about that "mother love."

Mother Sheehan is raising money for the Daily Kos, whose owner (the paid Howard Dean stooge) Markos Moulitsas Zuniga wrote this about men like her son, who died trying to help the people in Iraq:

Markos headshot

I feel nothing over the death of merceneries [sic] . They aren’t in Iraq because of orders, or because they are there trying to help the people make Iraq a better place. They are there to wage war for profit.

Screw them.

That’s right, Moulitsas. Screw Casey Sheehan.

(Thanks to reader jdaves for the heads up.)

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