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CA Bans Welfare Cards At Massage Parlors

From the Los Angeles Times:

State bans welfare cards at pot clubs, massage parlors

November 1, 2010

California welfare recipients will no longer be able to use their state-issued debit cards at medical marijuana shops, psychics, massage parlors and many other businesses whose services have been deemed “inconsistent” with the goals of the program

We’re not sure how this is "inconsistent." We thought the general idea was to keep as many people as dazed and confused as possible.

By the way, how can you deny someone their ‘medicine’ this way? It doesn’t take a psychic to predict massive lawsuits.

Granted, there is nothing in these moves that will keep anyone from still spending their taxpayer supplied ‘assistance’ on any of these things. But surely one can sue over the inconvenience involved.

The Schwarzenegger administration sent a letter to county welfare directors on Monday announcing that ATMs and point-of-sale card readers in such business will be removed from the network that accepts California’s Electronic Benefits Transfer cards. 

Monday’s letter announced that the cards, which access cash meant to help families pay rent and clothe their children, also will no longer work at bail bond establishments, bingo halls, cruise ships, gun shops, bars, racetracks, smoking shops and tattoo parlors

Doesn’t California’s Nancy Pelosi see welfare as the best stimulus for the economy? Are bail bond places, bingo halls, bars and tattoo parlors a major part of California’s economy?

But again, nothing will stop welfare recipients from getting their money from an ATM somewhere and then going to the bingo hall or massage parlor or racetrack.

Debit cards replaced traditional welfare checks and food stamps in 2000.  The cards not only make it easier to distribute and track benefits, they also help reduce the stigma associated with being on public assistance because they look like any other bank card…   

Here’s a crazy thought. Maybe we need to ‘stigmatize’ receiving public assistance again.

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3 Responses to “CA Bans Welfare Cards At Massage Parlors”

  1. Right of the People says:

    “they also help reduce the stigma associated with being on public assistance because they look like any other bank card… ”

    Exactamundo Steve! I’m all for bringing back food stamps in big books that they have to tear out in front of everyone and the same with welfare, give them script that only can be used for certain things like rent and utilities. And make it so to cash in the script you have to be registered with the county or state and have to show some kind of ID.

    Whatever happened to public shame? I’m also for making people who are caught doing something like patronizing a hooker or drug dealer need to do community service wearing electric pink jumpsuits with stuff on the back in big letters like DRUG USER or while they pick up the trash on the roadside.

  2. proreason says:


    Lap dances are still ok.

    I mean really. Lush, nubile, flexible, curvaceous, 19-year oldDancers need to make a living too.

  3. BillK says:

    I’m sure it won’t be long before they figure out a way around this.

    Recall that these cards are also banned at ATMs in casinos along the Las Vegas Strip, so card holders simply go to pharmacies and other businesses located a block or two off the strip.

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