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CA Poised To Ban Lead Bullets – For Environment

From Fox News:

California poised to become first state to impose full ban on lead bullets

September 16, 2013

California is on the verge of becoming the first state to impose a full ban on hunting with lead bullets — with environmentalists and gun-rights advocates squaring off as Gov. Jerry Brown decides whether to sign the legislation.

The state already has a ban on lead-bullet hunting in eight counties with an endangered condor population. But the new proposal, overwhelmingly approved this month by the Democrat-controlled General Assembly, would impose a statewide ban on all hunting.

Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown has until Oct. 12 to decide whether to sign the legislation, which would not be fully implemented for at least several years.

That is probably the beginning of hunting season.

Environmentalists and other supporters have broadened their argument beyond protecting the prehistoric condor bird, saying the lead bullets, and the left-behind lead fragments on which animals feed, are making their way into the country’s edible meat supply.

And they point to a 2008 study by the Centers for Disease Control and the North Dakota Department of Public Health that concluded lead is so prevalent in meat harvested through hunting that pregnant women and children should never eat it. 

"There is no safe level of lead for human consumption," said bill sponsor and state Assemblyman Anthony Rendon, a Los Angeles-area Democrat.

Won’t this hurt poor people the most? Aren’t they the most likely to still be hunting for food? Besides, was lead poisoning a big problem for the pioneers? How did our ancestors survive?

The National Rifle Association and other critics have posed a list of reasons for stopping the ban including that the 2008 studies never conclusively linked consumption with illness in humans; copper bullets are more expensive; the state would lose millions of dollars in hunting license fees that pay for conservation efforts; and no credible evidence exists to prove lead bullet fragments are poisoning condors and other scavenging birds.

Nitpickers. This will protect pregnant women and children. So shut up.

"These condors are flocking around … dump sites,” NRA lawyer Chuck Michel told the San Francisco Chronicle. “They are vultures. They also congregate around lookout towers, and there are pictures of them eating the chipped lead paint. The point is, there are alternate sources of lead in the environment which are probably the source of the lead."

Roughly two dozen states already have partial bans, mostly in sensitive wildlife refuges.

The U.S. Geological Survey estimates that nationwide there are 400,000 pieces of lead shot per acre in wild game territory that can be eaten or washed into waterways, and that the 60,000 metric tons of lead fired off in 2012 is second largest use of lead behind storage batteries.

But batteries, especially the gigantic batteries for ‘green’ electric cars, are great for the environment. Because the lead acid from them will never get into the water tables or into our food supplies.

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20 Responses to “CA Poised To Ban Lead Bullets – For Environment”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    But I want the intruder into my house to die of lead poisoning …

    Seriously, folks .. the 2nd Amend. says we retain unto ourselves the right to keep and bear arms. Like most American Legislation it does not define ‘arms’. Don’t twaddle on at me that ‘arms’ was generally and colloquially understood to mean Bang Powder launching a billet of lead at a target. That kind of word play means nothing to Lawyers. They live to argue definitions.

    Here’s what we do .. whenever ‘they’ act to limit our right to self defense with guns and ammo, we work twice as hard at inventing new weapons. Where they kill a weed, we grow a crop. Wherever they stomp down the crop, we grow a plantation. Whenever they come for the plantation, we change the rules and make them work our plantation. Guns and ammo as we understand these are not the only way to defend life and liberty. Oh my, no.

    We are the Citizens. They work for us.

    Not the other way around.

    • Noyzmakr says:

      I recently bought a cross-bow 80 lb. pistol with a easy-cock system (Similar to this one but not this brand and mine is a heavier guage metal).

      Ammo for my other weapons is getting so expensive that I figured I could keep my aiming eye in shape by shooting this little gem. It’s the quietest and most accurate weapon I’ve ever shot. Deadly accurate within 30 yards and you won’t miss by far at 100 yards. The little 10″ arrows are cheap and plentiful, plastic or aluminium.

      I’m seriously thinking about a larger version, but they are quite expensive and so are the arrows. However, they are probably the most accurate weapons you can buy.

      Let see them outlaw arrows. I can make my own.

    • GetBackJack says:

      Exactly what I mean. Thanks, NM

    • Noyzmakr says:

      Last year I purchased a super-duper over the wrist sling shot and 3000 metal berrings of varying sizes. That sucka will drop a man at 20 paces, or at least make him reconsider his proximity to the shooter. It’s lots of fun and the shot is stainless steel. I guess the greenies will come after that next.

      BTW, isn’t lead a natural element?

    • GetBackJack says:

      Awww … there you go being logical. Next thing we know you’ll be talking about how oil is a natural product of the Earth …

      I like a big bad wrist rocket. But for knocking a man down and making sure he stays down, I favor the .44 loaded with ‘Specials’ and the all time fav .. 12ga. But then my best friend was a 12 year sniper with (unnamed outfit) who says he hates the sweaty hand to hand stuff so he prefers to reach out and touch someone at 800 yards. Need at least a .308 for that kind of work, or a superbly dialed in .45-.70 (my favorite). But a wrist rocket, yea baby ..

    • Noyzmakr says:

      Sold my .308 back in 2002 the first time I moved to Fort Worth. I regret that decision, but couldn’t hit a mountain side at 800 yards. That’s a helluva shot. I can barely see that far.

      “Next thing we know you’ll be talking about how oil is a natural product of the Earth …”

      I’ve been telling people for years that oil / gas is the most effecient form of solar power that man has ever discovered. What’s called ‘fossil fuels’ are actually just decomposed plants under pressure for some unknown length of time, and as we all learned in elementary school, plants can’t grow without sunlight. Have no doubt, God knew what he was doing.

      I get blank stares when I tell that to liberals. Then they go into the usual unhinged broken record of lies that Putin and OPEC have been paying leftists to spout to keep us from becoming energy independent.

    • GetBackJack says:

      Noyz – were you, or are you a Landman?

    • GetBackJack says:

      Ha. Had to be. If you’re still working you probably have no end of proper work these days ..

  2. mr_bill says:

    Aren’t those wind turbines killing more condors than lead? Has California spent any time trying to mitigate these condor-murdering machines?

    I suggest making the operators of wind tirbines place a cage around the turbine. A really big screened cage, similar to the cages around oscillating fans. I know it will add a lot of expense and the screening material will probably block the wind from the blades, but this will stop birds from being slaughtered. If it saves one bird…

    • yadayada says:

      so far there hasn’t been a recorded condor death by turbine. golden eagles on the other hand…. according to audubon society wind turbines are leading cause of death for golden eagles (who also scavenge).
      although the audobon has more recently given it’s approval to awea (Big Wind) I suspect it’s less because of the stated reason, “smarter placement of wind turbines and more bird-friendly design,” than because of the hundreds of thousands of dollars given to bird conservation orgs (Big Bird). TerraGen has pledged $100k/yr to condor conservation efforts and is installing condor radio collar detectors and radar which will shut off a turbine if a condor comes within 2 miles of the wind farm. electricity customers are also paying millions to big bird groups through similar extortion of big wind.
      according to arizona game and fish dept., in AZ, “At least fifteen condors have died of lead poisoning since 2000.” about 1/yr in AZ. but also according to azgfd, “Lead bullets fragment into hundreds of pieces before they exit a game such as a deer or coyote.”
      I don’t recall any of my bullets generating more than 3-4 frags, (unless they hit a major bone, but then don’t exit) but I guess I don’t have infallible research resources to equal the azgfd.
      i’m sure if big bullets started funneling cash to libs, the reported test results of the blood lead levels in a lot of endangered animals would plummet. (and if big guns gave $$ to rev. al the dems would implode)
      like any other whore, liberal libs say/do whatever you want if you pay them.

  3. bousquem25 says:

    The feds already banned lead shot for hunting waterfowl. Now you have to use steel or an alloy for the ammo. I think the condors/vultures are getting taken out by all the turbines that the moonbats in CA have erected but want to blame hunters anyways. I know they make some pure copper bullets for larger calibers but they’re expensive as hell. Probably after CA passes this crap they’ll find some studies and have the enviromentalists protesting about copper poisoning and that they need to ban any ammunition from the state because it harms the enviroment.

  4. Noyzmakr says:

    I just had a thought. Why doesn’t some enterprising entrepreneur just start making the bullets out of hard woods. I mean seriously, as a carpenter I can tell you that some woods are so hard you can hardly cut them with normal tools. They certainly are hard enough to kill any animal and weight wouldn’t be a problem as some woods, such as iron wood, is very heavy.

    Many exotic woods are used for yachts and high end furniture and there is a lot of waste material left over after that process.

    It wouldn’t be too difficult, with the high tech cutting tools of today, to manufacture such bullets and they would be much cheaper than metals. If they can make toothpicks they can make bullets. And, as an added bonus, wood rots away naturally though harder woods take much longer.

    Just an idea, and like Benjamin Franklin, I put my ideas out there for anyone to capitalize upon. For the birds……and the children…..

  5. captstubby says:

    sold my Savage CD lever Action .308 back in ’84 to feed the family during another “recession”.
    heavyS.O.B. to carry, but always came through.
    .sorry to lose it to this day.
    mine had a peep rear sight, hooded front.


  6. artpa says:

    Seems to me we could use our mostly zinc pennies to make bullets. Not sure how much lead costs but 3 pennies should make about any small caliber bullet. Good use for the obsolete things.

  7. captstubby says:

    solution to a imaginary problam,
    typical of uninformed Librals.

  8. artpa says:

    I wonder if those libtards realize that all copper bullets would go right through the target hitting anything behind it as well. That’s why cops (and I and most for home protection) use hollow points. They drop the target and don’t cause any collateral damage because the lead fractures, copper wont. Prepare for law suits.

  9. canary says:

    Noisemaker, I sent all sorts of things to some solders in Iraq and Iran. And a good sling shot
    was one of the. Thought a silent weapon might be nice, or they could sling a metal ball or rock to make noise in another area to throw the enemy off. Guess I’ve seen too many movies.

    The blow pipes darts are now illegal here, but that would have been a great tool.

    I have a big imagination when it comes to survival. Heh heh.

    At least a California ban on lead ammo will not affect all the large manufactures across the nation who can not afford to make separate custom items for California than the general population in the country.

    California can make their own home grown ammo manufactures and even export to other states who what to pay and arm and leg on delivering it.

    And the Californians can just sell their old unlawful illegal ammo to other states.

    And all the ammo makers can just move to other states too. That might lift any ban on lead ammo.

  10. canary says:

    “Because the lead acid from them will never get into the water tables or into our food supplies.”

    First, homes before 1978 have to be tested for led, if children will be living there.

    What ticks me off is Pink Panther insulation “star” when it’s full of pink dye, a cancer causer, and formaldehyde which is worse.

    Now I see why my Obama neighbor is buying really nice appliances unnecessarily. The plain bamboo flooring and glue which weighed tons shipped from California. Anything over $250 dollars that’s green is tax deductible.

    I wonder if that means $250 dollars per item, or $250 dollars of items that save energy.

    My town’s utilities is giving people loans to buy air and heat!!!! and giving loans to the poor for brand new houses!!!

    Just so you know, you do not have to have a star on an item. If you get light grey shingles on your roof, it is tax-deductible and so is “formaldehyde-free” insulation without a star. Because, insulation saves energy.

    So, even a new car that saves energy should be tax-deductible without cash for clunkers. If you are questioned for deducting your car, just tape some pink panther insulation in the inside interior.

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