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CA Senate Passes Mandatory “Gay History”

From Reuters:


State Sen. Sheila Kuhl (right), D-Santa Monica, urges members of the Senate Education Committee to approve her measure that would add sexual orientation to the list of criteria included in California textbooks, during a hearing at the Capitol in Sacramento, Calif., Wednesday, May 3, 2006. Kuehl’s bill would require state textbooks and other social science materials to discuss the contributions that gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people have made to the state and nation’s economy, politics and society. The committee approved the bill.

California okays lessons on gays in textbooks

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – California’s state Senate passed a bill on Thursday that would require textbooks in public schools to instruct students on contributions by gays and lesbians in the state’s development.

The Democrat-led state Senate passed the bill on a 22-15 vote and forwarded it to the state Assembly.

The bill by Sen. Sheila Kuehl, the legislature’s first openly gay member, would also mandate public school textbooks to include lessons on contributions by transgender people.

Kuehl told Reuters she believes her bill is the first of its kind at the state level and predicted it would win support in the Assembly, where Democrats also have a majority.

"I think it has a very good chance in the Assembly because its members voted for marriage equality," Kuehl said, referring to the chamber’s endorsement of same-sex marriage. "I think this is a lot easier vote."

"It would help to shape attitudes of what gay people are really like," Kuehl said, noting their absence in state history textbooks.

Karen England of the conservative Capitol Resource Institute said in a statement the bill "seeks to indoctrinate innocent children caught in the tug-of-war between traditional families and the outrageous homosexual agenda."

A spokesman said Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has not taken a position on Kuehl’s bill.

I think it is only fair that they similarly chronicle the great crimes committed by homosexuals.

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10 Responses to “CA Senate Passes Mandatory “Gay History””

  1. mjohnson says:

    Can someone please tell me what a preson’s sexual orientation has to do with their contribution to anything? So, now the text books have to have a note beside each person’s name noting if they are straight or gay? So the gay community themselves push for things that specifically make them seperate than everyone else that is not gay? So who is trying to focus on differences and keep groups seperated? Sounds like the gay agenda to me. It is better for them to cause division than to try to fit in. Sexual orientation is not a required detail of a person that is being studied for their contributions.

  2. caligirl9 says:

    Oh boy, figures my homestate would be first do legislate this. We’ve got no other pressing issues facing us.

    I promise I’d be all over the teacher, principal and superintendent of any classroom/school that made an attempt to teach this crap to my kid. Thank God she’s 25.

    I wonder if Gov Ah-nold has the intestinal fortitude to stand up to this one … think of the cost of new textbooks, if nothing else.

    Wonder if this will increase the number of lost young people choosing to take up “GLBT studies” in college? (Is there such a thing, there’s gotta be at the Republics of UC Bezerkely and UC Santa Cruz. Actually I think there is …)

    • Thats why every conservative should start homeschooling in California, so our kids don’t have to go through this blatant indoctrination. Gov Arnold said himself that every parent should be able to homeschool their children, but there is no telling if that is gonna stick around for long.

      You would think with being billions of dollars in debt and IOU’s out for every tax return, the state would have something better to talk about.

  3. Anonymoose says:

    I have serious doubts if it will “show what gays are really like.” After all, will it be the media image of them all being moral and intelligent people who just want to live in peace or the reality that it’s all over the map?

    So great, let’s “educate” the young, I just wonder when the rainbow flag will start unraveling and the gays and lesbians start fighting with each other.

  4. proreason says:

    Every man, every system, every cause contains the seed of its own destruction.

    This country, the most tolerant nation ever, with a system expressly designed to protect minorities, has been turned topsy turvy into a bizarro world gone mad, and now the intolerant, perverted, protected few expect to control, punish and torment the tolerant and principled many.

    But you know, there is a feature of the queer disease itself that is common to many behaviours. Most queers are far beyond the ability to control their perversion, and can’t help themselves. Likewise, most straight people are now far beyond their ability to accept obscene perverted screaming mimmees, and no matter how many flaming news anchors declare the wonderfulness of being a sick deviant, we don’t want our kids to be exposed to that illness. It’s a death sentence.

    So like almost everything with liberal nitwits, the backlash will come, and it will be very very ugly.

    How do I know this?

    Because it has always happened throughout history.

    In the end, the majority triumphs, be it primitive people flooding into and destroying the Roman Empire, the French peasants in the 1790’s decapitating the aristocracy, the sad demise of the Romanovs, and on and on. And I could cite many examples of minorities confident of their secure place finally feeling the wrath of the majority, most of them less pleasant than the examples cited. Almost all were shocked when it happened

    Today’s obnoxious in-your-face queers will experience the same, rightly or wrongly. And it doesn’t have to happen. As Rusty said earlier tonight, all they have to do is shut the f k up. 95% of the country is sympathetic to their problems and we are perfectly willing to let them do the best they can, as long as they do so in privacy.

    Oh the drip drip drip of the “education” programs and the Miss USA judge’s obscene defecation on religious views may go on for a while yet, but there is a limit to people’s tolerance. The tighter a spring is wound, the more energy is released when it is finally sprung.

    All of the nitwits glorying in their “triumphs” in Bizarro USA would do well to remember that.

    • “Today’s obnoxious in-your-face queers”

      Reminds you a little bit of sodom and gomorrah (sp), when the people are knocking at Lots door asking for the visitors to come out so they can “know them”. Unfortunately, this is probably going to be the same scenario in the near feature, with few righteous people being left in America, since most will have vanished to countries where they still have basic human rights.

  5. el polacko says:

    what about the “innocent children” in class who happen to be gay ? or the kids who think it’s okay to harrass or assault gay students ? seems that everyone would stand to benefit from learning some of the many contributions made to society by gay folks. most schools require the reading of ‘leaves of grass’,, what does it hurt to know that the author, walt whitman, was a gay man ?
    btw, a little fun fact is that sheila kuhl once played ‘zelda’ on the “dobie gillis show” ! see? was that so bad ? lighten up, folks. knowledge is a good thing.

  6. proreason says:

    “or the kids who think it’s okay to harrass or assault gay students ”

    Unlike liberal nitwits, we teach children to be tolerant of others.

    Unless, of course, they are obnoxious, in-your-face, screaming nimmees, in which case we teach them to respond in kind, after allowing a reasonable period for the screaming nimmees to control themselves.

    By the way, we think the “innoncent children” who aren’t gay deserve the right to progress in that disposition.

    And I will now tell you something you will refuse to believe. There is a certain percentage of people who do have a choice and who are persuaded to be gay. I know you, in your ironclad liberal orthodoxy, will fight to the death to deny it, but I assure you, with 6 billion people on the planet, there are many, perhaps millions, who can easily go the gay route or the straight route. And those people, too young at the age when people like you seek to influence them, can be attracted to a disastrous life choice, just as they can be lured by a child molestor.

    “lighten up, folks. knowledge is a good thing.”

    I think you might be suprised, encapsulated as you are in your own furious prejudices, about what the people on this site know.

    And we don’t think the question of gay marriage is a “light thing”.

    You do. We don’t.

  7. Anonymoose says:

    Well, “El Polacko” (Most likely Richard again but whatever), biographers still debate on whether or not Whitman was gay, and most likely people will never know. Will this also include the “theory” some gays have that Lincoln was also one of them?

    Funny you know that Kuehl was on Dobie Gillis but it escaped your attention this article is from 2006, Kuehl is no longer in the state senate, and that the bill (S.B. 1437) died on file.

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