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Cain Accuser Filed Complaints In Next Job

From the Associated Press, of all places:

AP Exclusive: Accuser filed complaint in next job

November 9, 2011

WASHINGTON (AP) — A woman who settled a sexual harassment complaint against GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain in 1999 complained three years later at her next job about unfair treatment, saying she should be allowed to work from home after a serious car accident and accusing a manager of circulating a sexually charged email, The Associated Press has learned.

Can we question the timing of this? Ms. Kraushaar’s name has been known by the AP for some time, according to their previous reports. Why are we only getting theses details after she made her big splash and got several days of very positive stories?

Karen Kraushaar, 55, filed the complaint while working as a spokeswoman [sic] at the Immigration and Naturalization Service in the Justice Department in late 2002 or early 2003, with the assistance of her lawyer, Joel Bennett, who also handled her earlier sexual harassment complaint against Cain in 1999. Three former supervisors familiar with Kraushaar’s complaint, which did not include a claim of sexual harassment, described it for the AP under condition of anonymity because the matter was handled internally by the agency and was not public.

To settle the complaint at the immigration service, Kraushaar initially demanded thousands of dollars in payment,

Why aren’t we told how many figures she was demanding?

[A] reinstatement of leave she used after the accident earlier in 2002, promotion on the federal pay scale and a one-year fellowship to Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, according to a former supervisor familiar with the complaint.

Hilarious. But typical. Especially, wanting to go to Harvard’s Kennedy School Of Government.

The promotion itself would have increased her annual salary between $12,000 and $16,000, according to salary tables in 2002 from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management.

Kraushaar told the AP she considered her employment complaint "relatively minor" and she later dropped it.

It was so "relatively minor" she was trying to extort them for at least tens of thousands of dollars.

"The concern was that there may have been discrimination on the job and that I was being treated unfairly," Kraushaar said.

She seems to have a persecution complex.

Kraushaar said Tuesday she did not remember details about the complaint and did not remember asking for a payment, a promotion or a Harvard fellowship.

Doubly hilarious. Especially after all the grief that Herman Cain has gotten for not remembering the details of her complaint.

Bennett, her lawyer, declined to discuss the case with the AP, saying he considered it confidential.

Won’t Kraushaar release him from his confidentiality agreement?

Kraushaar left her job at the immigration service after dropping the complaint in 2003, and she went to work at the Treasury Department.

Did she leave willingly? Or was there a separation like from the NRA? Why aren’t we told such a vital detail?

Details of the workplace complaint that Kraushaar made at the immigration service are relevant because they could offer insights into how she responded to conflicts at work. She now works as a spokeswoman in the office of the Treasury Department’s inspector general for tax administration.

Kraushaar’s complaint was based on supervisors denying her request to work full time from home after a serious car accident in 2002, three former supervisors said. Two of them said Kraushaar also was denied previous requests to work from home before the car accident.

Why can’t a government spokesman work at home? That is clearly discrimination.

The complaint also cited as objectionable an email that a manager had circulated comparing computers to women and men, a former supervisor said. The complaint claimed that the email, based on humor widely circulated on the Internet, was sexually explicit, according to the supervisor, who did not have a copy of the email. The joke circulated online lists reasons men and women were like computers, including that men were like computers because "in order to get their attention, you have to turn them on." Women were like computers because "even your smallest mistakes are stored in long-term memory for later retrieval."

In Ms. Kraushaar’s case at least, it would seem to be an accurate analogy.

Kraushaar told the AP that she remembered the complaint focusing on supervisors denying her the opportunity to work from home after her car accident. She said other employees were allowed to work from home…

Maybe they weren’t government spokespersons.

Kraushaar, who is married and lives in suburban Maryland…

She appears to be married to a healthcare lobbyist who donates a lot of money to political campaigns. She also gave $250 to the Democrat National Committee in 2009.

Kraushaar’s complaint at the immigration service prompted managers to use caution when writing and speaking to Kraushaar while the complaint was being investigated, another former supervisor told the AP. Two supervisors said Kraushaar asked a colleague to act as a witness when she had conversations with one manager after she filed her complaint.

In other words, they saw her as a walking lawsuit.

The complaint at the immigration service was "nobody’s business," Kraushaar said, because it was irrelevant to her sexual harassment settlement with Cain years earlier. "What you’re looking for here is evidence of an employee who is out to get people," she said. "That’s completely untrue."

Whom to believe? Ms. Kraushaar or her former managers who were even afraid to talk to her without a witness present?

Kraushaar, who started her career in Washington as a reporter, was praised for her work in 2000 when she traveled to Miami to help agency officials during the coverage of the Elian Gonzalez case, when federal agents seized the boy from relatives to return him to his father in Cuba

If that is an example of her great public relations work, you have to wonder how good she is at her job.

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9 Responses to “Cain Accuser Filed Complaints In Next Job”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    A unbalanced woman, raised on hubris, feminism and lies in her Personal Search For Significance turns to the only path available to her … Philip Dru, Administrator.

  2. proreason says:

    It does seem as if all of the accusations are built on weak foundations. One of the settled cases won’t talk. This one seems to have a history. Neither settlement was big. Alred’smarxist’s accuser has a questionable financial history and a lawyer from hell. The most recent story about the invitation to dinner is strange and unsubstantiated. If the formal cases were incriminating at all, wouldn’t they would already be in the public domain. Oh wait, journalistic ethics prevent the objective media from doing that. The verbal stories are either ripped from the tabloid pages or kind of silly. Ordinarily, 5 charges would be a death blow all by itself, but 5 times .0001 ain’t much. It’s kind of like a quicksand that you aren’t sinking in, but can’t get out either.

    Unless one of them or a new one finally appears totally solid and hasa story based on something beyond her word, I can’t see Cain quitting, despite all the mistakes he has made.

  3. tranquil.night says:

    Coulter on how this is vintage Axe/Bam: http://www.anncoulter.com/columns/2011-11-09.html

  4. Mithrandir says:

    What we have learned here is that it doesn’t pay to hire women. Sadly this is true. All that talk about diversity, is just an opportunity to ruin the workplace. ALL of these women seem perfectly fine for 10 years, say nothing, do nothing, until someone runs for office, then it’s all, “I am a brave woman who stands up for her rights! We can’t let this stand!” —oh please! You an Allred need to go back under whatever rock you crawled out from.

    ~This set-up will keep on working as long as people keep falling for it.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Mith, I always love your passion, and get your point, but c’mon. How would Carls Jr sell burgers? Hire Mark Block?

      ..actually that might work.

    • proreason says:

      I gotta be honest with you, Mith…you’re gonna have some problems getting laid.

  5. wirenut says:

    Mith, you and many others here make me see, not just, (heads or tails). But the edge of the coin too. Thank’s, It keeps my mind working! As Proreason stated, Don’t go look’n for luv out loud. HAW! Game on gentlemen, and a week to go before “DEERHUNTING” in cheese-land. As I’ll be in the woods, Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

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