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CAIR Teaches Canadian Muslims ‘Rights’

From the Toronto Sun:

Know your rights, Muslims urged


Not enough young Muslims know the law and risk having their rights trampled by law enforcement agencies in Canada, Muslim activists said yesterday in a City Hall meeting geared towards Islamic youths.

Individual Muslims also must stand up for their rights, and take a more proactive role in addressing how they’re portrayed in the media, activists said at the Know Your Rights seminar, held in council chambers last night.

The event was organized by the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN) and the Young Muslims of Canada.

Although much of the discussion focused on the recent terror-related arrests of 17 young men in the Toronto area, attendees also talked about discrimination against Muslims, as well as the portrayal of Muslims in the media.


Karl Nickner, executive director of CAIR-CAN, said Muslims should work together to show the larger population that terrorism has no place in Islam.

"The community shouldn’t have to apologize for 17 people who may have had extremist ideas," Nickner said. "Do we ask the Italian community to apologize for the Mafia? No, we don’t, and we shouldn’t."

Lawyer Faisal Kutty — a well-known activist in the Muslim community — said that while Muslims should respect the authorities, who have Canada’s security in mind, nobody is obligated to speak with police or let them into their home, especially if they feel they’re being wrongly targeted, profiled or harassed.

Those words resonated with Syed Reza, 24, national co-ordinator of the Young Muslims of Canada, who helped organize the seminar.


It was just after 9/11 when a teenaged Reza was visited by an RCMP agent, he said.

Reza, who was involved with Young Muslims of Canada then, thought it was odd the RCMP officer had come to his family’s home. Still, he opened the door to the agent, who then offered him money to be a paid informant who would infiltrate parts of the Muslim community to find potential terrorists and extremists.

Reza said he was insulted. Had he known his rights, he wouldn’t have had the conversation with the officer, he said. Reza was offended by the assumption he would even have a close proximity to potential terrorists, solely because he was a young Muslim.

"In all honesty, as a youth, I’ve never come across any person who would even think to attack a civilian population, Muslim or non-Muslim," Reza said.

Just out of curiosity I Googled the young innocent, Mr. Reza. I found, among other things, that he is a member of Young Muslims Canada and that he wrote the following screed for their website:

Too late to come clean

July 17, 2006 – Jumada-al-Thani 21, 1427

By: Syed Reza

As the coalition forces pursue their illegal military invasion against an already devastated Iraq, the world watches in disgust and outrage…

Now behold the noble goals of Young Muslims Canada, who sponsored and promoted this CAIR meeting:

Our Goal

To seek the pleasure of Allah by following His guidance in our everyday life so that we may become the winners of this world and the life hereafter.

To achieve our goal we propose the following program:

1. Invitation: To convey the message of Islam to the youth and to inspire them to practice Islam in everyday life.

2. Organization: To organize the Muslim youth who are willing to lead and participate in the struggle for the establishment of Islamic way of life within the fold of this organization.

3. Training: To take appropriate steps in empowering the Muslim youth with the knowledge and message of Islam, in order to produce young Muslims, who are people of character and are capable of facing the challenges of this society.

Check out the rest of their site, and especially their heroes.

And be sure to read how the US committed genocide against Muslims in Bosnia.

But, yeah, it’s a religion of peace. And truth.

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