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Calderon Calls For Help To Curb Criminals

From an oblivious to irony Washington Post:

Mexican president calls for nation’s help to curb defiant, violent criminals

By William Booth
Sunday, August 8, 2010; A10

MEXICO CITY — In unusually somber remarks, President Felipe Calderón told the Mexican people Wednesday that criminal organizations were seeking to topple the state, violence was growing worse, kidnapping and extortion were rampant, and the government needs their help.

It was something that most Mexicans already knew.

"Their business is no longer just the trafficking of drugs," Calderón said. "Their business now is to dominate everyone else."

Calderón warned that criminal mafias were extorting citizens and businesses, demanding "war taxes" that allowed them to buy more powerful weapons to overwhelm government forces.

Another car bomb exploded Thursday, this time in the parking lot of a police station near the state capital of Ciudad Victoria in the northern border state of Tamaulipas, where rival drug cartels are fighting over the billion-dollar trafficking routes into the United States. No one was injured in the blast.

Although the Mexican government and U.S. ambassador were wary of describing a previous remote-controlled car bomb in Ciudad Juarez in July as an act of terrorism, officials appear to be changing their minds as more bombs are found.

"There are methods that are being used by criminals who have no scruples, who wish to intimidate, which of course seek to terrorize the people," said Interior Secretary Francisco Blake.

On Friday, criminal gangs hijacked tractor-trailers and erected a "narco-blockade" on a major highway in Monterrey that leads to the international airport. Dozens of flights, including trips to the United States, were delayed or canceled.

"The behavior of the criminals has changed and become a defiance to the state, an attempt to replace the state," Calderón said at the close of three days of public meetings that were remarkable for their blunt assessments.

The head of the national intelligence service, Guillermo Valdes, revealed that 28,000 people have died in drug violence since Calderón began his military-led, U.S.-backed fight against the drug cartels in December 2006. The number represents 3,000 more dead than the government reported in July

Oddly enough, that also means 28,000 have died since Mexico legalized the possession of every form of narcotic.

Valdes conceded that the Calderón administration has made little progress controlling money laundering and reforming corrupt police. He also said that although the U.S. government has promised more than $1.4 billion in aid, it has been slow to arrive.

Hilarious. We need to pour more billions – and do it more quickly – into that nest of corruption.

"We have an organized crime and a disorganized society," Calderón said. He pleaded with Mexicans to report "prosecutors, judges, police, mayors or governors" on the take. "I am interested to know. And I know that society knows," he said

Lest we forget, Mr. Calderon has no problem whatsoever with disorganizing our society in the US. In fact, he even seems to have relatives of his own living here illegally.

Perhaps he should report them to US authorities, if he wants to lead by example.

Calderón said that he heard the voices who called for new strategies to fight organized crime and agreed that his government should do more to combat the social ills of joblessness, addiction and poor education. But he did not signal any major shift, and he vowed that the military would continue to lead the fight.

"But if the government were to stop fighting the criminals, there are those who think this would end the violence. I doubt it," Calderón said. "Are you really saying to me, ‘Mr. President, don’t mess with the criminals, and let them just do what they want to the Mexican people’?"

Again, isn’t this exactly what he preaches for the US, and specifically Arizona?

It’s very hard not think that Mr. Calderon deserves everything he is getting.

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8 Responses to “Calderon Calls For Help To Curb Criminals”

  1. proreason says:

    Maybe the evil Mexican criminals didn’t get any free school lunches when they were little. That seems to be the miracle that pacifies the beasts in this country.

    But Mr Calderon seems to be perilously close to .singling out a sub-group of his own country. Mr Obamy may have to give him a stern lecture about that. Assuming, of course, that Mr Calderon survives long enough to get his tongue lashing for lack of diversity.

    If a stern lecture doesn’t solve the problem, Mr Calderon can always fall back to promising his people hope, and change. That’s a sure fire prescription to turn the criminals into pussy cats.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “The behavior of the criminals has changed and become a defiance to the state, an attempt to replace the state,”

    Can Sharia law be far behind?

    Honestly, this is pretty evident that the 1800’s never left Mexico. What’s laughable though is who would want to be the leader of that dump? I guess big fish in a little pond is better than being nothing at all.

    There’s a reason Mexico is used to define “pathetic” and “substandard in all ways” and…there’s also a reason why they leave and come here illegally. Yet, I still cannot fathom the warped and sick loyalty they have for that…..”nation?”

    I guess ideas are stronger than reality so they escape into a pretend world that to be mexican is somehow moi grande. If I were a mexican and I left, I would not ever speak of the place again.

  3. tranquil.night says:

    I honestly have no interest in a failed State, which I think Mexico is. American money has been the foundation of that country for decades, the corruption has been rooted there even longer, and there has never, ever been a cultural awareness or movement on behalf of the people to change their destiny. I think any leaders, educated, or independently wealthy really left there a while ago.

    The Liberals say it’s Capitalism’s fault as usual, it’s our raping imperialism that caused the disparity. Usually the rule of thumb is that anytime the Left blames America for something they’re not technically wrong because they themselves have played some political role in exacerbating the problem. Same holds true in this case too with the encouragment and facillitation of popular drug use by the Left.

    “The behavior of the criminals has changed and become a defiance to the state, an attempt to replace the state,”

    So we have an admission and national call for help in essentially a civil war and anarchy. Now why can’t we declare illegals as refugees and give them to the UN? Then why don’t we let Calderon play with some of our drones for a week or two and line the military along the border?

    Because real solutions have no place in Liberal Politics when they don’t benefit Liberals.

    • Adam Moreira says:

      But here’s the problem: If we don’t help Mexico control the problem at least on the border—how long will it be before border towns are truly in danger and not just fro the ground?

      As for the UN, they would probably laugh at the idea of refugees in the Western Hemisphere.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Why should we, the US, help mexico do anything? They have used the angle of political correctness to snub us, curtail our efforts of crime control, blamed us for their “gun problem” and on and on and on.

      Now our own government has has proven it has no interest in securing the US border so it’s really up to the local people, I would assume.

      The border agents have called for the resignation of the wheels in the management of ICE, and the administration is silent. They have, instead threatened Arizona for trying to take care of its own citizens.

      I’m all for vigilante groups popping off drug criminals all at once or one at a time.

      “Help” mexico. Indeed. Phagh! That “country’s” true agenda shines like a blinding supernova, revealing that it would love to have a lawless southwest US run by drug cartels. At least it would be “mexican”.

      We have a third world country at our border. Made so by two centuries of graft, corruption, government by criminals and thugs. It’s only slightly worse than our own and we’re getting there all by ourselves thankyouverymuch.

    • tranquil.night says:

      “I’m all for vigilante groups popping off drug criminals all at once or one at a time.”

      Wouldn’t be surprised at all if it came to that. Of course that would just be the type of radical “racist” impetus the State Propoganda Network is waiting for from the Right.

      I understand neither of my solutions are realistic to the regime and the UN is never a realistic solution to anything. It was an illustration of how simply there could be concrete steps taken to make the situation better for everyone.

      But Rusty’s right: the “true agenda shines like a blinding supernova .. a lawless southwest US run by drug cartels. At least it would be ‘mexican’.”

      Well, it certainly wouldn’t be American. Between two-mismanaged environmental disasters and a mismanaged border, it’s clear Libs really have it out to destroy the South.

  4. canary says:

    Any help from Obama or the U.S. should be to send back illegals to join the Mexican military & protect Mexico. La Viva is their slogan after all.

  5. NoNeoCommies says:

    Maybe Calderon should focus on outing the corrupt officials that “enable” the terrorist drug gangs.

    It would be nice if we could wall in Mexico and turn it into a giant prison (a la Escape From New York).
    The we could rely on those deported staying put and no new illegals.
    The wealth of Mexico’s elites can be “redistributed” to pay for costs and the remittances from our illegals can pay for upkeep.
    Half of Mexico’s population can be hired to staff the prison (if they were never in a government or military position before).

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