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CA Sues Automakers For ‘Global Warming’

From a joyous Reuters:

California sues automakers over greenhouse emissions

Published: September 20, 2006

SAN FRANCISCO California said Wednesday that it was suing six of the world’s largest automakers, including General Motors and Toyota Motor, over global warming, charging that greenhouse gases from their vehicles have caused billions of dollars in damages.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Northern California, was the first of its kind to seek to hold manufacturers liable for the damages caused by their vehicles’ emissions, Bill Lockyer, the state attorney general, said.

The lawsuit also names Ford Motor, Chrysler Motors, which is the U.S. arm of DaimlerChrysler of Germany, and the North American units of Honda Motor and Nissan Motor of Japan.

Lockyer said that he would seek "tens or hundreds of millions of dollars" from the automakers.

The suit seeks damages related to pollution, beach erosion and reduced water supplies as a result of the past, ongoing and future contributions by the companies to global warming. It is the latest action by California to push businesses and the U.S. government to address the issue…

Bogus science wins! (Including of course, President in his mind, Al Gore.)

Lockyer said that he would seek "tens or hundreds of millions of dollars" from the automakers.

Why stop there? Why not a million kajillion? How much is a blue sky worth, anyway?

This will be the tobacco settlement scam all over again.

Clearly Californians want to drive a stake through the heart of whatever is left of the American automakers, and anyone foolish enough to come here to make cars.

These people won’t be happy until the only industry left is taking in each other’s laundry. Just like in the third world.

Only we will be using "environmentally sensitive" laundry detergent.

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