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Camp Casey III Finally Found! – Photo Proof!

After weeks of suspense, we now finally have documentary proof of the existence of the fabled Camp Casey III , thanks to the Veterans For PeaceKatrina relief website:

Very impressive, is it not?

According to their own accounts, the VFP have been collecting more than $120,000 a day for their Katrina relief effort. And this is the only photograph we have of Camp Casey III.

The VFP’s fundraising pleas have been promulgated on a thousand leftwing websites and media organs. Cindy Sheehan has of course championed them. They’re her team, after all.

Michael Moore personally vouched for them and made his site a weeks long fundraiser for them. In Moore’s preposterous shilling he claimed the VFP had delivered more than 100 tons of supplies.

Moore even posted pleas to keep the "Camp Casey Kitchens" cooking, so they could continue to feed untold thousands of Katrina victims. Pretty amazing given their cramped quarters. It must work something like a clown car.

All of this would be funny, except the VFP’s scam stole from the Katrina victims, and the organizations like the Red Cross, who are trying to help the victims. Organizations that the VFP endlessly call "incompetent," even as they stole their supplies.

It turns out the VFP were just another kind of looters. Looters in tie-dyed T-shirts and Birkenstocks flashing peace signs.

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