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VFP Claim It Saved “14 Unwanted Babies”

Behold this post from Cindy Sheehan’s bus tour bulletin board. The Buddy in question is Mother Sheehan’s attorney, Buddy Spell.

The stories related purport to be from Buddy Spell:

I finally got through 09-07-05 10:11pm, just got off the phone with Buddy!

It was great to hear his voice.

He sounded great. He was updating me on conditions in and around Covington and believe me it doesn’t sound like we’re getting the whole story from the press.

This is unreal but if you put yourself in the shoes of the people in that area you might find yourself reacting in the same way. It’s really incredible to imagine but it seems that the Covington National Guard [ sic ] wasforced to barricade themselves in their headquarters to guard against an angry mob of approximately 30 citizens.

According to Buddy the citizens were armed with handguns and were going after the guns in the armory. Buddy said that they would have pictures available in a few days of the National Guardsmen pointing guns out of the building at the civilians.

It’s fortunate that Buddy and Annie have such a large home because they seem to have created a sort of commune. They have several young people from a grouop called Democracy Now, and of course Veterans for Peace are there. They have taken in a writer as well as a photographer from Readers Digest. He says there’s safety in numbers.

It seems that in some parts of New Oleans and the surrounding area it’s still anarchy. Buddy said the first couple of nights he sat on the porch with a shotgun. They still hear gun shots at night…

I hate to do this but I do feel that this is to somber an occasion for much levity. I have to finish with this story about what my brothers the "Veterans for Peace" are doing. These men are the heros.

Michael Moore may have mentioned this on his web page but it seems that when the "Veterans for Peace" came into town they started to set up Camp Casey on a vacant lot. The local police came to them and asked them if they could help out with an emergency.

They pulled up camp and went to another site where they have established a shelter for unwanted babies. They started with 2 but now have approx 12-14 babies, that where turned away from other shelters because they couldn’t accommodate them.

These men are saving lives. Folks there are so many questions to ask, I hope we have the courage to ask them, and the strenghth to act on the answers. This is a sad addition to our American Heritage.

The local police had to ask the Veterans For Peace to take in unwanted babies that the other shelters (the Red Cross , Salvation Army and Catholic Charities ) had turned away? — Right.

I will run this by the chief of the Covington police department tomorrow. He will get a great kick out of it.

Buddy Spell, Mother Sheehan, and ( faux Vietnam combat veteran, but real crackpot) Ward Reilly, New Orleans, June 18, 2005

Here is a bizarre update. Another posting I stumbled across reading up on the gallant Buddy Spell, esquire:

August 30, 2005

Buddy Spell – One of Cindy’s Lawyers Needs Help Finding 7 Year Old Daughter in Louisiana

This is truly heartbreaking. Buddy and Annie are good friends of mine. If anyone has any resources that could help them get information on their daughter, please email me. Or if you have solid information that can help, call the number listed.

Buddy Spell is one of Cindy Sheehan’s lawyers. He and his wife are here at Camp Casey helping to make this action as smooth as possible.

When they left Louisiana they left their 7-year old daughter, Sarah, with a friend in Washington Parish. (In LA, counties are called "Parishes")

Due to the hurricane, they have lost all contact with their friend and they fear the worst. The Spells are frantic for solid information about the state of Washington Parrish or their daughter.

If you have solid information about what is going on in Washington Parrish, please call 612-578-XXXX. This is the cell-phone number of Alex, a close friend of the Spells. I have full permission from the family, mods and Admins to post this personal information.

The reason I have to post a telephone number is because internet access out of Camp Casey is spotty at best. Due to the nature of this emergency, he can’t spend time monitoring his PM box and emails.

Do not call the number unless you have solid, first hand information about the state of Washinton Parrish or Sarah Spell.

I presume the daughter was found, since this frantic request was posted a week before the first post. These people are beyond strange. They panic at the drop of a hat. They make up the craziest stories.

Why do they think they should be in charge of anything?

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