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Can Sheehan Even Find Iraq On A Map?

On page 22 of Cindy Sheehan’s scholarly tome "Peace Mom," one finds this pronouncement from her concerning the root cause of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq:

All one has to do is look at the puppet government headed up by President Karzai to understand that the United States needed to take Afghanistan first to provide access to land to build a pipeline for Iraq’s oil, because the only other way through the gulf was via Iran, and we all know that wouldn’t have been possible.

No wonder she claims that the war in Iraq is all about oil

The trouble is Mother Sheehan appears to have her conspiracies mixed up.

The Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline was the initial tinfoil explanation for the US invasion of Afghanistan — and for Afghanistan only.  (The "attacks" on 9/11 were faked to give this nefarious scheme cover.)

It was promulgated by such intellects as Michael Moore (in Fahrenheit 911 and elsewhere) and Michael Rivero. Consequently, it became an article of faith in the hate America first religion at the time.

But the Afghani pipeline has never been advanced as a motive for the war in Iraq — probably because of one minor flaw. It has nothing to do with the oil in Iraq. Nor was it ever intended to.

The pipeline conspiracy was at one time so powerful it now has an entry in that repository of all learning, Wikipedia. But even Wikipedia manages to point out:

Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline

The pipeline will transport Caspian Sea natural gas from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan, into Pakistan and the Indian Ocean.

Nope. Nothing to do with Iraq.

The Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline is shown in green.


Perhaps someone should show Cindy a map — and point out to her exactly where Iraq is.

It’s enough to make one question Mother Sheehan’s grasp of geopolitics altogether.

(Thanks to Wardmama4 for the book quote.)

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