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Canada Bans East Europe Exotic Dancers

From France’s AFP:

Canada to ban foreign strippers

Wed May 16

OTTAWA (AFP) – Foreign strippers will no longer be permitted to bare breasts and shake their booty in Canada, Immigration Minister Diane Finley said Wednesday, despite a scantiness of exotic dancers in this country.

Legislation would be introduced Wednesday afternoon “to help prevent vulnerable foreign workers such as strippers from being exploited or abused,” Finley said in the House of Commons.

“The amendment will authorize the minister of citizenship and immigration to instruct immigration officers to deny work permits to foreign strippers.”

Finley’s announcement immediately drew catcalls from Canadian club owners who say they rely on hires from Eastern Europe and Asia to entertain their guests.

“They’re beautiful, exotic and very professional,” one club owner told AFP, asking to remain anonymous. “Banning them from Canada just leaves them with fewer options to escape a life of poverty in their home country.” …

Funny that Immigration Minister Diane Finley would pick this very narrow selection of the workforce to crack down on (so to speak). How many strippers can there be in Canada, given the weather?

Have all the illegals working as nannys, agri-workers, meat packers, maids and lawn-care guys been already rounded up and sent home?

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