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Can’t Update Life Changes Via Obama-Care Site

From a very forgiving Associated Press:

Adding a new baby to plan not easy


WASHINGTON (AP) — There’s another quirk in the Obama administration’s new health insurance system: It lacks a way for consumers to quickly and easily update their coverage for the birth of a baby and other common life changes.

But that’s okay. It’s just "another quirk." And not a symptom of the Obama administration rushing out a half baked plan. And it’s not  more proof of government over-reach.

With regular private insurance, parents just notify the health plan. Insurers will still cover new babies, the administration says, but parents will also have to contact the government at some point later on.

Why? Oh, that’s right. The government has to know everything. Besides,  the administration could use a new baby or another change as an excuse for more income redistribution. More social engineering.

Right now the HealthCare.gov website can’t handle such updates.

It’s a reminder that the new coverage for many uninsured Americans comes with a third party in the mix: the feds…

We’re going to be getting lots and lots of those reminders.

It’s not just having a new baby that could create bureaucratic hassles, but other life changes affecting a consumer’s taxpayer-subsidized premiums. The list includes marriage and divorce, a death in the family, a new job or a change in income, even moving to a different community.

Such changes affect financial assistance available under the law, so the government has to be brought into the loop…

Yep. We don’t want to deny the taxpayers a chance to subsidize anyone.

Insurers say computerized "change in circumstance" updates to deal with family and life developments were supposed to have been part of the federal system from the start. But that feature got postponed as the government scrambled to fix technical problems that overwhelmed the health care website during its first couple of months…

Don’t worry. They will fix this ‘glitch,’ and PDQ. They don’t want to miss out on any chances to make people more dependent on the government, and thereby the Democrat Party.

Having a baby could increase a family’s monthly premiums, but it could also mean that the parents are eligible for a bigger tax credit to help with the cost. Under some circumstances, it could make the child or the family eligible for Medicaid, a safety-net program that is virtually free of cost to low-income beneficiaries…

And that is the goal. To get as many people as dependent as dependent.

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3 Responses to “Can’t Update Life Changes Via Obama-Care Site”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    This is going to be fun watching how the Democrats will blame Republicans and how the Republican Party maneuvers itself to accept the blame …

  2. dasher says:

    LOL!!!! Spot on GBJ!


  3. canary says:

    GBJ yes. We don’t even hear the Republicans saying we tried to delay it til we had some evidence from the Democrats of what it was and how it would work, but we had no idea things were this incompetent.

    Let’s not forget election time Chris Christie bragged his little people were going to cooperate and do it. And ask how his stomach staple surgery he got right before Obama Care is doing.

    A new baby could mean the insurers drops them because they don’t have enough for a child.
    Obama just said children, without giving an age.

    And to think they can change this program everyday if they want to, in the name of fixing the big problem.

    Obama ignoring the laws and saying things just for a smoke screen.

    The Democrats see a small minority who will get screwed, and will keep lying how great things are, and worthless promises of fixing, in hopes most who are not experiencing problems will believe him.

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