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‘Capitalist Healthcare Makes Women Die’

From the CPUSA’s People’s World (formerly the Daily Worker):


Female patient (with flies) in a Cuban hospital, via The Real Cuba.

How capitalist health care lets women die

by: W. T. Whitney Jr.
March 30 2010

A yearlong debate on health care reform centered on costs and on methods for extending insurance coverage. Lobbying, congressional posturing, and media focus on deal making were boundless. Missing was any notion of health care serving people rather than interests.

In particular, the issue of staving off of death was left for another day. The fact that the U.S A. ranks 46th in the world on infant mortality and 34th in life expectancy sparked little interest in the centers of power.

On March 12, nine days before the House of Representatives passed its health care reform bill, Amnesty International (AI) released a report on skyrocketing death rates affecting U.S. mothers during pregnancy and childbirth.

According to "Deadly Delivery, The Maternal Health Care Crisis in the USA," 101 pages long, the United States ranks 41st in maternal mortality. Between 1987 and 2006, the U.S. rate doubled, from 6.6 deaths per 100,000 births to 13.3 deaths. The Washington, D.C rate is 34.9; that for Black women in New York City, 83.6.

The maternal mortality rate (MMR) reflects the number of women per 100, 000 births dying during pregnancy, or shortly thereafter. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that half such deaths are preventable.

The rate of one in 47,600 Irish women dying during childbirth is the world’s best…

The comparable U. S. figure is one in 4,800. Of more than 536,000 maternal deaths worldwide in 2005, 99 percent occurred in poor countries. One Millennium Development Goal calls for a three-quarters reduction in the MMR between 1990 and 2015.

The AI report  howed [sic] close to death episodes from pregnancy-related complications increasing by 25 percent over 12 years. Since there is no federal requirement for reporting childbirth deaths, the numbers of U.S. women dying may have been underestimated.

That means life threatening conditions like hypertension, diabetes, heart conditions, and fetal abnormalities often go unrecognized. Lack of prenatal care, which applies to one third of African American and Native American women, quadruples maternal mortality.

The report says, "Discrimination is costing lives… [W]omen face barriers to care, especially women of color, those living in poverty, Native American and immigrant women." Overall, 25 percent of U.S. women of reproductive age lack health insurance, of which half are women of color. African-American women’s risk of death during childbirth is four times that of white women.

The reports protests shortages of health care workers in rural and inner city areas. It highlights Cesarean sections accounting for one in three births, twice the level recommended by the World Health Organization. Caesarian sections present three times the lethal risk of vaginal births. Capabilities for monitoring maternal deaths are lacking in 29 states and in Washington D.C.

AI spokesperson Larry Cox denounced a "haphazard approach to maternal care" that is "scandalous and disgraceful." "Mothers die not because the United States can’t provide good care, but because it lacks the political will to make sure good care is available to all women." …

Commenting on the U.S. government passing health care reform applying to most of its citizens, former Cuban President Fidel Castro observed that Cuba had attended to health care "for its entire population half a century ago, despite the cruel and inhumane blockade all of its citizens."

We swear.

Sometimes the agit prop from the Communist Party is almost as outrageous as that from the New York Times.

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3 Responses to “‘Capitalist Healthcare Makes Women Die’”

  1. NoNeoCommies says:

    The article ignores the Irish wealth factor. They cut tax rates on those evil corporations and earned themselves an employment boom. People who work and earn good (non-socialist) wages take better care of themselves (with or without govt. healthcare).

    The part about ‘Native’ Americans and Minorities having problems just shows that Liberals (to paraphrase Obama) have had decades to help these people and have FAILED.

    When you trap people in a poverty loop in order to keep them voting for you, they suffer.

  2. proreason says:

    Sometimes the agit prop from the Communist Party is almost as outrageous as that from the New York Times.

    It’s from the same source.


  3. beautyofreason says:

    Oh, you mean this article is not from the NYT?

    Looks like CPUSA is taking after Islamic radicals and plagiarizing the slimes. It’s easy to destroy the country from within when one has leftist articles that hate capitalism and depict the U.S. as an unjust, arrogant world power.

    “Former Cuban President Fidel Castro observed that Cuba had attended to health care “for its entire population half a century ago,”

    So says the man whose country imprisons people for crimes such as having too many bags of concrete or owning a dvd player (unless one is a rich scumbag at the top).

    “Discrimination is costing lives… [W]omen face barriers to care, especially women of color….immigrants”

    Give me a break. Ever saw a doctor refuse to treat someone because of their skin color? Not in my lifetime at least. And women tend to outlive men, regardless of country.

    As for differences with infant mortality among races, more African American women are overweight or obese than other groups and this factor can complicate a pregnancy. I’ve even heard that having children out of wedlock is linked to increased risks. So we have lifestyle and cultural issues here. Not necessarily discrimination.

    And immigrants? Well, I’m going to guess we’re referring to the 12 million south of the border illegals who break the law to get here, thus choosing to remain on the fringes of society, leeching benefits but paying no taxes. That’s another cultural problem.

    And as for Native Americans, they receive generous funding by the government, and yet they are unemployed rates are 80% or higher on major reservations. They also have high rates of poverty and disease, more than any other racial group.

    I guess throwing money at the problem doesn’t actually fix it. But it sure pleases the “gimme” club.

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