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Al Qaeda-Like Car Bombs Are Found in London

From those calm and detached observers at the New York Times:

Explosive Device Found in London, Police Say


LONDON, June 29 — British police said they discovered an explosive device in a car abandoned outside a nightclub in the West End theater and entertainment district of central London early today and began a terrorism investigation.

The police said they had found significant quantities of gasoline, propane cylinders and nails in the car, a silver-green Mercedes, which had now been made safe.

Parts of central London were cordoned off after the incident, near the landmark Piccadilly Circus area, the police said.

In a press briefing, Peter Clarke, head of Britain’s counterterrorism command, said the explosive materials had had the potential to cause “significant injury or loss of life.”

Many other questions were met with his refusal to speculate during the early stages of an investigation. Evidence so far was said to include closed circuit television footage, along with witness accounts, which are emerging in news coverage. Mr. Clarke urged those people and any other witnesses to call a hotline.

Mr. Clarke said the British authorities had had no intelligence that an attack was coming. The police were alerted after people working for the ambulance service were called to a separate incident in the area and noticed what they thought was smoke coming from the car, Mr. Clarke said. “The threat from terrorism is here, it’s real, it’s enduring,” Mr. Clarke said. “Life goes on.” …

Gee, the New York Times is almost as skeptical about this report (“police say”) as Al Jazeera, who practically top the BBC in their use of editorializing “quotes”:

‘Car bomb’ scare in London        

British police say they have defused a “potentially viable explosive device” in an abandoned car in London’s Haymarket area.

Nazanine Moshiri, Al Jazeera’s correspondent said police confirmed that nails and 200 litres of fuel were found inside a Mercedes Benz outside a nightclub near Piccadilly Circus.

Witnesses said the occupant fled the scene after car was driven “erratically” before smashing into some bins.

Counter-terrorism police have launched an investigation after explosives officers were called to the scene shortly before 2am [0100GMT], police said…

You see it would just be silly to call this an Al Qaeda-like car bomb designed to kill and maim and terrorize Londoners. 

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