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Carney: The GOP Is Holding The Economy Back

From an unquestioning Roll Call:

GOP Is Holding the Economy Back, White House Says

By Steven T. Dennis | January 30, 2013

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said the economy is poised for growth and more jobs, if the GOP doesn’t muck it up.

“Our economy is facing a major headwind … and that’s Republicans in Congress,” Carney said.

It’s always something, isn’t it? Tsunamis or hurricanes. But the bottom line is it’s always the Republican who are to blame.

Anyway, this exchange is obviously from yesterday’s daily White House briefing. You really have to wonder why the so-called White House press corps doesn’t laugh out loud at these statements.

And the fact that they don’t should tell us all we need to know about their journalistic standards. They put their party before their press credentials.

He noted that a grand bargain offer from the White House is “still on the table” if Republicans are interested in trying to solve the country’s debt and deficit problems.

Carney appeared to be referring to President Barack Obama’s December offer, which asked for $1.2 trillion in new revenue. That means Obama is still looking for another $600 billion in revenue after getting roughly $600 billion in higher tax rates as part of the fiscal cliff deal. Republican leaders have said any more new revenue is off the table.

In other words, the White House’s response to a contraction in the economy caused by higher taxes, is to demand $1.2 trillion dollars more in higher taxes.

As for the looming sequester, Carney said the president would like to see it averted, and he said Obama still wants to see the most comprehensive budget deal possible, with a balanced approach.

“There are responsible ways to deal with this,” Carney said, warning Republicans against eyeing a government shutdown or slowdown for naked partisan advantage.

Carney pitted the sequester and entitlement cuts against tax breaks for oil companies and corporate jet owners, standard fare from the administration in recent years.

They are back on this nonsense again? (The tax breaks for evil oil companies and evil corporate jets are really just a drop in the bucket.)

They are really scraping bottom.

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One Response to “Carney: The GOP Is Holding The Economy Back”

  1. P. Aaron says:

    …’holding the economy back’ from falling over the cliff.

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