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Mohammad Cartoon Rage Now In New York City

I know it is futile to mention Islam and logic in the same breath, but once again I will point out the conundrum here. Aren’t these people idolizing the Prophet Mohammad?

Isn’t that why there is a proscription against making images of the man in the first place? To keep people from idolizing him? To prevent them from treating him like a sacred being —
a God?

There is only supposed to be one God in Islam, even if they can’t spell his name. (See the first photo.)

From yesterday’s mob in front of the Danish Consulate in New York City:

Well, the New York Times has nothing to worry about.

And, my personal fave:

Someone calling himself El Marco has a nice collection of photos from the same event, including this one:

In case you can’t make it out, the sign says:

We don’t need your apologies
Hell with your freedom of speech
Hell with your freedom of expression
We will stand for our values with
our blood and body!
— Islamic Thinkers

I believe that sums up their "thinking" rather nicely.

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