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CA’s 1.6% O-Care Application Rate ‘Phenomenal!’

From an unquestioning Associated Press:

Calif. exchange processes 16,000 applications

By Laura Olson | October 9, 2013

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Officials with California’s health insurance exchange said Tuesday that more than 16,300 applications were processed during the marketplace’s first five days of operation, but they did not say how many people actually purchased coverage for 2014…

So what does the applications being "processed" even mean? In any case, later in this article were are told that their site had "987,000 unique visitors last week." If so, this application rate represents only 1.6% of those who visited the site.

And we are also told later that only half of applicants tend to actually buy insurance.

An additional 27,300 California households have started to fill out an application. Applications can cover more than one person, such as a spouse or child.

And who knows if they gave up because of the glitches, or the biggest glitch of all — the price of the premiums.

Covered California executive director Peter Lee described the initial interest in the new health coverage as "phenomenal."

"These are big numbers, and they’re proof of the pent-up demand for coverage that is here in California and is also across the nation," he told reporters during a news conference.

Only 1.6% of visitors applied for coverage and that is called "phenomenal"? That is proof of a "pent-up demand"?

State exchange officials had anticipated "very low" enrollment during the first week, but did not have an internal projection for how many applications they might initially receive, Lee said…

That’s not what they said before the rollout.

By comparison, 15,000 applications were completed by Monday in Kentucky, a state with a population that is less than 12 percent of California’s.

But California’s 16,300 was "phenomenal."

Almost half of those applicants went on to buy an insurance plan, according to the Kentucky governor’s office…

So the actual purchase rate could turn out to be .8%. Woo Hoo!

The exchange website received more than 987,000 unique visitors last week. It faced some technical difficulties on its first day, which required the enrollment section to be taken offline twice for fixes…

Again, they will never fix the biggest glitch. The price of the premiums.

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One Response to “CA’s 1.6% O-Care Application Rate ‘Phenomenal!’”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    “We’ll use bayonets and whips if we have to, but you will kneel down and accept your doctor approved integration into the Insurance Borg, by God.”

    Or, something like that.

    I find you lack of faith disturbing,” Obama said.

    Sixth letter of the alphabet Homey. And the twenty first letter. Can you can count that high?

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