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Castro Calls For Belt Tightening In Cuba

From an irony-proof CNN:

Cuba's President Raul Castro delivers a speech during Cuba's ...

Castro calls for tight finances in Cuba

From Shasta Darlington

HOLGUIN, Cuba (CNN) — Sunday was a day of commemoration in Cuba — the 56th anniversary of the start of the Cuban Revolution — but the message from President Raul Castro was not all celebratory.

The island nation will face a second round of belt-tightening as a result of the global financial crunch, Castro said in a speech marking Revolution Day.

He said that on Tuesday he would hold a meeting of the Council of Ministries "dedicated to the analysis of the second cost adjustment in this year’s plan, due to the effects of the global economic crisis, especially on the reduction of revenues from exports and the additional restrictions on accessing external financing."

The global economic downturn has hit Cuba hard. Revenues from key exports like nickel are down. The price of imports, like food, is up.

Castro said he would also meet with the central committee of the Communist Party this week to discuss the situation.

Any proposed cuts will affect a Cuban population already feeling the squeeze.

Public transport has been reduced as part of austerity measures. The government has ordered factories and businesses to cut energy consumption or face sanctions

This makes no sense. Hasn’t Cuba been doing everything exactly right for the last fifty six years?

They have socialism, a command economy, and of course the best nationalized health care system in the world.

Aren’t these the very things that Mr. Obama says we need to do to save our own economy?

Why haven’t they worked in the Workers’ Paradise of Cuba?

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7 Responses to “Castro Calls For Belt Tightening In Cuba”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    I guess it’s time for Michael Moore to do a new movie. Only this time, take the lens cover off!

  2. beautyofreason says:

    Owning a dvd player was criminalized in Cuba until very recently. I also remember a Cuban butcher who said there was no reason for him to become a doctor because both positions were paid about the same. Isn’t it wonderful how everyone is equal? I mean, wouldn’t you want the guy who takes a scalpel to you to get the same pay as, I dunno, the guy who grounds hamburger meat (which you can’t get anyway)?

  3. AmericanIPA says:

    Belt tightening in a communist country is cutting a new notch in your belt so your pants don’t fall off your starved, skinny ass.

  4. proreason says:

    Well, if you live in healthcare nirvana, cutting back on a gold-plated service here or there shouldn’t matter much.

    Now the U.S., in the midst of a devastating health crisis, we can hardly afford to give up an aspirin.

  5. pdsand says:

    Ha, yeah I thought if you implemented communism like Obama wants, then you aren’t vulnerable to recessions caused by capitalist greed anymore!

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