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Catholic University Drops Health Insurance

From Reuters:

Catholic college drops health plan over contraception mandate

By Stephanie Simon
May 15, 2012

DENVER (Reuters) – A small Catholic college in Ohio said Tuesday it was dropping health insurance coverage for students rather than comply with a federal mandate that the plan provide free birth control.

The Franciscan University of Steubenville "will not participate in a plan that requires us to violate the consistent teachings of the Catholic Church on the sacredness of human life," according to a bulletin to students posted on the university’s website…

The Catholic Church teaches that the use of artificial contraception is a sin, though polls show the vast majority of Catholic women of reproductive age have used birth control at some point. Many Christians consider the morning-after pill to be an abortifacient because it can prevent a fertilized egg from implanting in the womb.

Obama tried to accommodate Catholic outrage over the mandate by giving religious institutions an extra year to comply and by assuring them they would not have to pay for the birth control coverage themselves; their insurers would pick up the tab.

That appeased some Catholic groups but many others, including the powerful U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, remain implacably opposed.

Gosh, these Catholics are stubborn. Even though Obama has done everything he could to "accommodate" them. Except, of course, just leave them alone.

Several Catholic and evangelical Christian universities have challenged the contraceptive mandate in court. Those cases have not yet come to trial. Hernon said Franciscan University is weighing a lawsuit…

With the new health insurance year set to start in August, however, administrators at Franciscan University chose not to wait for the court’s ruling. In addition to the contraception mandate, they said they were concerned that premiums for the student plan would rise because the Affordable Care Act also mandates other specific services be covered

That one sentence, buried near the bottom of this 575 word, 17 paragraphs long article is the full extent of Reuters reporting on what the university says is a tripling of the cost of health insurance premiums for students because of Obama-Care.

Meanwhile, this is how Fox News reports the same story:

Catholic university drops student health insurance, cites Obama-Care

Published May 15, 2012

A Catholic university in Ohio said Tuesday it is being forced to end a student health insurance program over increased costs it claims are associated with President Obama’s contraception mandate and other provisions of the health care overhaul.

Franciscan University in Steubensville, Ohio, said it has so far excluded contraceptive services and products from its health insurance policy for students and will not participate in a plan that “requires us to violate the consistent teachings of the Catholic Church on the sacredness of human life.”

A university official told Fox News Radio the students’ basic $600 policy was going to double in cost in the fall and triple next year and that the school’s insurance provider said the increases were the result of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The school cited the contraception mandate, but also a requirement that the maximum coverage amount be increased to $100,000 for policyholders

Remember how many times we were told that Obama-Care was going to dramatically lower to cost of health insurance?

Also, bear in mind, that if this is happening at one university, it is happening all over the country. Which means that more and more schools will be dropping coverage. And not for religious reasons.

Which was undoubtedly the Obama administration’s plan all along, since the Democrats want to force everyone into the government’s healthcare system.

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4 Responses to “Catholic University Drops Health Insurance”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    This goes in as a “win” for the national socialists who prefer that all insurance be dropped by its sponsors so that everyone is “forced” to go to Uncle Sugar for healthcare.

    Perhaps by accident, perhaps by design. I’m thinking the latter. Even if a person has to do it begrudgingly, they’ll do it. So much the better for the all-knowing, all seeing, all-kindness-and-loving government.

  2. GetBackJack says:


  3. beautyofreason says:

    But it DOES lower the cost of health care. No health care = no cost. It’s brilliant!

    And it DOES cover the liberal sponges who desperately need free birth control pills. Think of Sandra Fluke’s friend, whom we are told paid $3,000 for a couple years of estrogen pills that are available for $10 / month at Walmart. Because I know if I required those tablets I would get the top-of-the-line, gold flaked pills at 20 x cost and not a generic equivalent. But I get it. It’s hard for liberals to shop around for the best value at evil corporate empires. It’s hard for them to do ANY cost-benefit analysis. I mean, these are the students who go to Starbucks for breakfast and spend many an hour playing Angry Birds on the Iphone. Their time is too valuable to pay for things that Uncle Sam should provide for free.

  4. yadayada says:

    “Obama tried to accommodate Catholic outrage by ….assuring them they would not have to pay for the birth control coverage themselves; their insurers would pick up the tab.”

    and where would the insurers get the money?

    oh yah, from the premiums paid by the people against birth control

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