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Caviar, $12,000 Dress – What Income Inequality?

From a drooling Associated Press:

State dinner menu: beef, caviar and Mary J. Blige

By DARLENE SUPERVILLE | February 10, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — A slab of dry-aged rib eye beef, American caviar and salad representing the first lady’s garden will be on the four-course menu for the elegant state dinner being given by President Barack Obama for French President Francois Hollande on Tuesday…

The wine list is strictly American, with selections from California, Washington state and Virginia.

So is the entertainment. Mary J. Blige, a nine-time Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter, producer and actress born in the Bronx, N.Y., will perform for some 350 guests… Blige is an Obama supporter who performed at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C…

At the dinner, guests will first enter the White House and proceed through a receiving line to be greeted inside the oval-shaped Blue Room by Obama and his wife, before exiting and boarding an old-fashioned trolley for a ride to the tent for dinner and Blige’s high-octane musical performance.

The first course will feature American Osetra caviar, farmed from the estuaries of Illinois, paired with quail eggs from Pennsylvania and a dozen varieties of potatoes from farms in New York, Idaho and California.

That will be followed by a salad of petite radishes and baby carrots on a bed of lettuce and splashed with red-wine vinaigrette made using honey from the beehive on the South Lawn. The salad will be served in a clear, glass bowl and resemble a terrarium.

"A terrarium"? Swank!

The main course, dry-aged rib eye beef from a farm in Greeley, Colo., will be served with blue cheese, charred shallots, oyster mushrooms and braised chard.

Dessert is chocolate malted cake, described as a modern version of a layer cake made with bittersweet chocolate from Obama’s native Hawaii, Florida tangerines and served with vanilla ice cream from Pennsylvania. After dinner, guests can dip into a serving dish made entirely of sugar to sample fudge made of Vermont maple syrup, shortbread cookies made with lavender from Mrs. Obama’s garden and cotton candy dusted with orange zest…

The White House florist, who studied floral artistry in Paris, created French-inspired bouquets that are meant to evoke the feeling of a painting by Monet, the French impressionist. The "deconstructed" arrangements — that means the flowers and greenery are not all in one vase but are in separate vessels — were made using quince branches, acacia leaves, white and purple iris flowers and bamboo.

And Michelle Obama wore a designer dress that is estimated to have cost over $12,000.

Today, Obama will probably give another speech about the horrors of income inequality.

Maybe if Marie Antoinette had remembered to shed a few crocodile tears about income inequality she and Louis the 16th would have had a longer reign. But she screwed up. She should have said: ‘Why can’t everyone eat cake?’

By the way, does anyone remember what Marie Antoinette’s nickname was during her lifetime? ‘Madam Deficit.’ You can look it up.

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3 Responses to “Caviar, $12,000 Dress – What Income Inequality?”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Really? Mary J. Bilge .. you couldn’t find anyone better to entertain the head of the French Republic? Someone like, I dunno, Chelsea Handler or Andrew Dice Clay? I hear they’re popular ..

    • canary says:

      Yes. Mary J Bilge raps softer and can hum a lot with out lip synching. Plus Michelle can discuss Botox with her.

      I’m sure after all the taste tests Obama kept busy with to brew the best beer at the White House, he will insist they snif and taste it, and play guess what’s in it.

    • canary says:

      That is one ugly cheap 12,000 dollar dress Michello wore. Look at the dresses huge billowing back butt crack look. It looks like a bunch of sheets and pillow cases were tacked together. Dang I bet it made noise with that fabric that even the linen starch could not stop the sharp wrinkles

      And she had that Choo guy’s belt. Didn’t he decorate Anna Nicole’s home with that gaudy bedding and those pillows for Anna Nicole’s bedroom. Michello had to find someone who could work with pillows.

      And those gaudy imitation over-sized Princess Diane earrings probably dipped in the caviar fish

      (scroll down)

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