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CBC Would ‘March’ If Obama Was Not Black

From a non-judgmental Miami Herald:

Black caucus head treads line between criticizing, supporting Obama

David Goldstein
Sun, Sep. 18, 2011

WASHINGTON — As the debate over jobs turns into the latest political tug-of-war, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri walks a careful but candid line.

As chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, he has been at odds with President Barack Obama over his administration’s response to the soaring unemployment rate in the African-American community.

Nearing 17 percent, joblessness among blacks is at a three-decade high and almost twice the size of the overall unemployment rate. The black caucus wants the president to do more.

But the group’s efforts are freighted with political sensitivities, given Obama’s unique role as the first African-American occupant of the White House and the sometimes untethered animosity that his election has triggered.

Exactly what "animosity" has the first African-American occupant of the White House "untethered"? Can The Hill cite one example?

"If (former President) Bill Clinton had been in the White House and had failed to address this problem, we probably would be marching on the White House," Cleaver said. "There is a less-volatile reaction in the CBC because nobody wants to do anything that would empower the people who hate the president."

In other words it is all about the color of Mr. Obama’s skin rather than the content of his character. My, how we have progressed.

Relations between the black caucus and the tea party always have been tense.

You see, "the people who hate the President" means the Tea Party. And they only do so because of his skin color.

By the way, isn’t it just as racist to support someone because of their skin color as it would be to oppose them for that reason?

During the health care debate, black lawmakers said that angry tea party protesters outside the Capitol called them racial epithets. Cleaver said he was spat upon.

In other words, Mr. Cleaver is a well known, bold faced liar.

As a former two-term mayor of Kansas City, the 66-year-old Cleaver knows something about the minefield of special interest politics. He also is a Methodist minister who still occasionally takes to the pulpit on Sundays when he is home.

Isn’t that nice? He is a lying, race-baiting man of the cloth. That almost seems to be a pattern. (Cf. the Reverends Sharpton, Jackson and Wright.)

In Congress since 2003, he has friends on both sides of the aisle and started the "Civility Caucus" several years ago to combat the deterioration of political etiquette in the House. It has nine members

Oh, our sides. (But do note that this caucus only has nine members.)

Cleaver is a lifelong Democrat who prizes political loyalty, and the black unemployment dilemma has put him and the group he leads in the awkward position of criticizing the policies of a president they admire, but not the president himself

Mr. Cleaver clearly puts tribe before party.

"It’s not personal," Cleaver said. "They’re attacking his policies, or lack thereof, with regard to this gigantic unemployment problem among African-Americans. If we can’t criticize a black president, then it’s all over."

Then it must be all over, since Mr. Cleaver is basically saying that he can’t criticize Obama because of his skin’s melanin content.

But let’s hope someone reports Mr. Cleaver to Attack Watch, anyway. Since, even though he has yet to explicitly criticize Obama directly, you know he is thinking critical thoughts, and that is good enough to warrant a call.

Indeed, when lawmakers swarmed around Obama as he was leaving the House of Representatives chamber following his recent speech on jobs, [Congressional Black] caucus members were in the crush, eager for a handshake, a pat on the shoulder or an autograph…

It’s the same treatment Justice Thomas gets wherever he goes.

Caucus member and Democratic Rep. Donna Edwards of Maryland said that despite Cleaver’s "solemn and respectful" manner, he displays a hardnosed sense of realpolitik about the group’s role.

"The chairman always balances the fact that whether it is this president or any other, the White House has one role to play and members of Congress, particularly members of the CBC, have another," she said. "While sometimes there are parallel interests, there aren’t always."

The thing we will never understand is how black Americans have such very different interests from the rest of Americans.

We guess we must be racist.

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10 Responses to “CBC Would ‘March’ If Obama Was Not Black”

  1. BigOil says:

    As a reverend, the esteemed Mr. Cleaver should know you reap what you sow.

    It begs the question – if over 2 years of unbridled socialism is not enough to please the CBC – what exactly would it take?

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Realizing that’s a rhetorical question, I will provide the “rhetorical answer”.

      If all the world’s white people were gone and all the money in the world was given to the blacks, one would find that they would still not be happy. For happiness is a state of mind that comes from accomplishment, genuine pride and respect for others.

      This has been removed from black society and replaced with scapegoating (blame) for their problems, permissiveness and acceptance, even encouragement for bad behavior and false pride in having large sums of money; a poor substitute for actual accomplishment.

      The old lessons of the bible are lost on, not just blacks but a vast majority of Americans who see that the only thing worth having is money, and when they don’t have it, they feel badly of themselves. But there is immense wealth to be found in raising children to be good people, belonging to society, acting in good faith, being justifiably proud of a job well-done, along with staying away from substance abuse and alcohol, by being faithful to one’s spouse and family and being of sound mind and character. All replaced with money, the desire to have it, to own things, to show off same and to hell with anything else.

      Michael Vick
      Michael Jackson
      OJ Simpson
      Jesse Jackson
      Al Sharpton
      Any Rap “artist”

      The list goes on….

      I’m sure there are moms and some dads in the black community who tell their kids that having money isn’t the only thing in the world. But I’m also sure those sentiments are drowned out in the media-blitz and social “structure” of those kids, where “being cool” and “having walkin’ around money” is paramount, regardless of how that money was gained.

  2. JohnMG says:

    …..”even though he has yet to explicitly criticize Obama, directly you know he is thinking critical thoughts….”

    I’d say he’s wasting his time. Jesse Jackson said he’d castrate Obama. Now, if Obama only HAD some balls that might be considered a threat. But Cleaver knows Obama has to have the toilet seat down when he goes to pee, so that option is out.

  3. Petronius says:

    Memo to Rev. E. Cleaver :

    1. Unemployment will remain high so long as the President keeps beating up employers. If you want more black employees, then tell him to stop punishing employers.

    2. “Cleaver said he was spat upon.” Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. Exodus 20:16.

    • JohnMG says:

      Good points, Petronius, but I’ll go one better.

      With all of the set-asides, SBA loan opportunities, preferential hiring and contracting practices for minorities, not to mention that all entrepeneurs are astoundingly wealthy, why not go into business for one’s self? Or don’t they want their deadbeat ghetto crawlers agitating for a slice of the pie they’ve managed to carve out for themselves. They have safety nets and race-based preferences and aid and support systems of which I could only dream. Their risk is mitigated and failure on their part carries no detriment, yet they have no desire to take risks in order to advance.

      For the last three years I’ve been struggling to keep my business viable, all the while having to listen to these demogogues tell the world how well-off I am. If it is so easy, I don’t understand why they don’t just grab a handful for themselves instead of bitching about my “greed”.

      Whiney-assed, crybaby jerks!

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    As regards the CBC: For people who have very little to say that’s relevant, they sure do talk a lot.

  5. Chase says:

    Knobama isn’t the first black president. He is the first bi-racial president. Except that he chose early on to ignore his majority ethnicity and proclaim himself black. He saw it as an advantage, as well as that which is probably all he could stomach, with his foreign raising and self-loathing influences, he has ditched his roots. He wants it that way, then he can take anything and everything dished at him, and his conflicted and racist supporters have to live with all the mincing and prancing that goes with the self-determination.

    He could have staunched a lot of problems, I think, by admitting and talking about that other side, but he is the agitator, the organizer, the exploiter, and presumably the equal-opportunist leveraging rope-a-dope, so I don’t really care to hear how hard it is for his followers to get through to him. They’d all rather be victims than be real Americans.

  6. Papa Louie says:

    So If Obama looked more like his mother than his father, the Congressional Black Caucus would be marching on the White House right now. Does that mean that it’s OK for the rest of us to consider skin color when deciding who to vote for, who to hire, or who to rent to? Or is it just the CBC that is allowed to use blatant racism in their decision making?

    • JohnMG says:

      …..” Does that mean that it’s OK for the rest of us to consider skin color when deciding who to vote for, who to hire, or who to rent to?…..”

      It might not be OK, but that is the net result of Obama’s attitude and efforts. It’s unfortunate, but he has set the cause of race relations back to pre-1950’s conditions. Evidently it never occured to him that when you’re only demographically 12-14% of the population it might not be a good thing to piss the majority off. They’ve grow accustomed to the majority being compliant. They have no idea how hardened they’ve caused people to become. I, for one, will not be intimidated. In Mad Maxine’s words; “They can all go to hell!”

      If they want my respect, they’ll have to earn it. If that’s asking too much, I’m sure they won’t be happy with what they will get from me. They might be surprised with what they get…. but not happy with it.

  7. Liberals Demise says:

    Paint it Black, you devil!!

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