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CBO Says Reid’s Vote Buying Cost $1.2B

From The Hill:

CBO pegs Nelson’s Nebraska Medicaid deal cost at $100 million

By Michael O’Brien – 12/20/09

Nebraska will receive $100 million in assistance for its state Medicaid program under provisions in the Senate’s healthcare reform bill negotiated by Sen. Ben Nelson (D).

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) informed lawmakers on Sunday night that the section of the manager’s amendment to the Senate’s health bill would cost $1.2 billion over 10 years.

Nelson managed to win a share of the section of the manager’s amendment on Equitable Support for Certain States, which will provide Nebraska, along with Massachusetts and Vermont, support in paying its share of additional costs to Medicaid in the health legislation.

The provision, which Republicans have derided as the "Cornhusker Kickback," actually provides Nebraska the least of the three states. Vermont will receive $600 million over 10 years, while Massachusetts will receive $500 million. The money to Nebraska had previously been reported to be $45 million.

Nelson defended the provision during an appearance on CNN on Sunday, saying he was simply seeking to work with Nebraska’s governor and fellow senators to secure fair treatment.

"Well, you know, look, I didn’t ask for a special favor here. I didn’t ask for a carveout," Nelson said. "What I said is the governor of Nebraska has contacted me, he said publicly he’s having trouble with the budget. This will add to his budget woes. And I said, look, we have to that fixed."

Nebraska’s governor, Dave Heineman, a Republican, rejected that characterization.

"Nebraskans did not ask for a special deal, only a fair deal. Under no circumstances did I have anything to do with Senator Nelson’s compromise," he said. "Senator Nelson negotiated this special deal, rather than a fair deal for both Nebraska and America. The responsibility for this special deal lies solely on the shoulders of Senator Ben Nelson.”

Democratic lawmakers defended the deal with Nelson as well as one in November with Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) before debate began on the health bill as simply examples of senators fighting for their states.

It looks like prostitution has been legalized in Washington, DC.

Big time.

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8 Responses to “CBO Says Reid’s Vote Buying Cost $1.2B”

  1. mr_bill says:

    “What I said is the governor of Nebraska has contacted me, he said publicly he’s having trouble with the budget. This will add to his budget woes. And I said, look, we have to [get] that fixed.”

    Gee thanks, s******, now I can pay for your state’s failure to manage its budget. I like Nebraska, I was there last year and enjoyed my brief stay, but it will be a cold day in hell when I spend another dollar to support the state again, after being corn-holed by the soon-to-be EX-senator.

    If you have to get a special deal for your state, I guess the bill isn’t that good, is it?

  2. CIV says:

    mr_bill, I used your logic to lobby my (good for nothing Democratic) senators. While I don’t support the bill at all, I’m hoping that outrage at all the bribery and pork might get Webb/Warner thinking that maybe they’re not going to be re-elected if they vote for this bill.

  3. CIV says:

    I spoke too soon. Just got back a nothing reply:

    Dear Friend,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your views and experiences with me.

    If you need assistance resolving a specific problem with a federal agency, please contact my office at (202) 224-2023 or toll free at 1-877-676-2759. Otherwise, please be assured that we are reading and responding to your comments and opinions as fast as we can.

    As the 111th Congress moves forward, please continue to be in touch with your views.

    United States Senator

    • mr_bill says:

      Don’t take it personally, they aren’t listening to anybody. “Campaign mode” as Pelosi calls it, starts January 1, those up for re-election will be (slightly) more attentive next year (although the damage may be done by then). At least it will be amusing to watch: All those congressmen who are now deriding conservatives and their “backwards” ideas will be telling us how conservative they really are next October, in a vain attempt to save their jobs.

  4. wardmama4 says:

    Listening to Senator Amy Klobuchar (L(iar) MN) say she did not have a problem with the deal made with Nelson because ‘all the states made deals to pass the health care’ bill [Fox News Sunday show] made me sick.

    Talk about change – the only change is that Pelosi’s culture of corruption is now way on it’s way to turning America into just another 3rd World cesspool, the DNC having tyranical and eternal power over America and oh, yeah – all of the Rights & Constitution being just a ‘historical’ piece of fluff.

    There are several reasons that this un-Constitutional, budget busting piece of illegal and immoral ‘legislation’ was forced through at 1:00AM this morning: 1) a lot of the right talk and websites are into ‘best of’ for vacations, 2) so that The Won can crow at the SOTU address that HE succeeded in getting universal healthcare passed, and 3) what better way to make a point of how little they care about the core American values and foundations than s*** on both the Constitution and Christmas in one easy vote.

    Next will be Illegal Aliens – got to get rid of that pesky border so that we can become the NAU (and eventually on to the One Glowball World Government [and I bet that The Won is dreaming and/or believing that he will be it’s head] for all). And then, it will be the guns – after that we will all fall to the muslim World Caliphate of nuke possessing Ahmadinejad. Which will be the most fun of the coming hard times – watching the how many is it 10 (not counting the lesser dictators and tyrants) duke it out to be ‘Master of the Universe’) Sad to say, all these petty dictators (The Won included) just lived in their Saul Alinsky hazy lazy world and have not studied history (other than the rise of dictators to review what works and what doesn’t work) – that I’ve read the book – in the end – well let’s just say – they don’t win the War. It is the battles and the he** that they will unnecessarily put each and every one of us through – without cause or reason – simply to attempt to get to their version of nirvana.

    And then life will really become ‘broken’ in America.

    God Help America – we have seen the enemy and he is us.

  5. proreason says:

    I can’t see any reason to care what happens to these criminals.

    • Right of the People says:

      I do care what happens to them because I want them all to roast in their own individual hell. I want to be the one who yanks the lever that triggers the trapdoor on the gallows so they can swing.

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