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CBS: Budget Cuts Target Dem Priorities

From CBS News:

Budget cuts target Democratic priorities

Billions in projects from Education, Labor, Health and Human Services are cut as N.Y. lawmakers vow to vote against deal

By Nancy Cordes
April 11, 2011

(CBS News) WASHINGTON – Democrats and Republicans in Congress reached an agreement late Friday night on $38 billion in budget cuts, averting a partial government shutdown. But, so far, they’re not saying exactly where those cuts will come.

The negotiators targeted spending they considered wasteful first, including $3 billion in earmarked transportation projects, billions more in defense spending deemed unnecessary by the Pentagon and $35 million in insurance subsidies for successful farmers, CBS News correspondent Nancy Cordes reports.

But the cuts come at the expense of Democratic priorities, including $1.5 billion from the president’s new $8 billion high-speed-rail initiative and several billion from projects at the Department of Education, Department of Labor and Department of Health and Human Services.

The Associated Press article we just posted claims that the earmarks ‘cut’ was moot. That high speed rail ‘cut’ was already a done deal. And the the Department Agriculture and Education and Health cuts were all blocked.

Democratic lawmakers from New York Monday vowed to vote against the deal.

"There was no shutdown, but here were a lot of sellouts," said Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y.

She has been reading too many ‘Boehner Won’ stories. The Obama administration was almost hoisted on it own propaganda petard.

"I would not have made these cuts in better circumstances," President Obama said late Friday night.

By the weekend, the president was trying to put the best face possible on the deal with a victory lap of sorts at the Lincoln Memorial…

Among the programs that were spared from cuts: Head Start Preschool, Planned Parenthood, Race to the Top education grants, public broadcasting and funding for biomedical research

So what were they talking about in the earlier paragraphs?

Many of the cuts in this budget deal were to programs that had unspent funds or that Mr. Obama had intended to scale back anyway.

If we were more cynical we would say that the AP piece about the budget cuts was written to defend Mr. Obama against this article and the threat that some Democrats might vote against the budget deal.

Indeed, judging from how the article starts to dial it back near the end, it looks like they only got the memo to dial back the ‘Boehner Won’ angle at the last minute.

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3 Responses to “CBS: Budget Cuts Target Dem Priorities”

  1. tranquil.night says:

    Yeah, hey Ruling Class Republican Establishment: how about the ‘Knights of Ideological Purity’ shut up and let this go when you stop LYING to the people for whom you claim to speak.

    No, something always told me we were destined for this dance for quite some time. History told me, because it too is filled with Republican bureaucrat and lobbyist-loving, big spending, narcissistic statists whose livelihoods are just as connected to the growth of Washington as the Marxists, and three of them comprise our current leadership.

    Don’t think you’re out of sight, McConnell. You’re up to bat on the BBA, and so far you’re still standing in the practice box looking like you want the coach to call in a PH.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Evidently the godfather is “gonna hafta have a sitdown” with all the other capos. They ain’t been squared away. Then, they’ll also get lectured on talking nasty about their own party, unless, of course, that’s the intent…to make it seem as though the dems suffered some sort of loss, then quiet them down after awhile.

      We live in Roman times, my friends. We as citizens have been subjugated to the whims and desires of what the ruling elitists want to do with our money and our freedom. They know they will never suffer. Never.

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