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CBS Hack Doubles Down On Advice To Obama

From Slate Magazine:

They Hate Me, They Really Hate Me

Conservatives despise my analysis of Obama’s second-term options. But it was analysis—not advice.

By John Dickerson | January 22, 2013

When you are on the Fox News’ ticker for the wrong reasons, it’s time to put things into context.

Isn’t it funny how the Left is always taken out of context?

On the eve of the president’s inauguration, I wrote a piece about what President Obama needs to do to be a transformational rather than caretaker president. I was using a very specific definition of transformational presidencies based on my reading of a theory of political science and the president’s own words about transformational presidencies from the 2008 campaign. It was also based on these givens: The president is ambitious, has picked politically controversial goals, has little time to operate before he is dubbed a lame-duck president, and has written off working with Republicans

Given these facts, there is only one logical conclusion for a president who wants to transform American politics: He must take on Republicans—aggressively.

For me, this was a math problem with an unmistakable conclusion.

What’s with this sudden obsession to misuse the word, ‘math’?

Some people thought I was giving the president my personal advice. No. My goal was to make a compelling argument based on the facts.

What facts? That Obama needs to be transformational? Is that a fact? Or ‘the fact’ that he has little time to operate? None of these are ‘facts,’ or ‘math’ — or even thoughtful analysis. This is ‘frat house’ BS-ing, at best.

I used words like "war" and “pulverize,” and some have responded with threats to me and my family. (“Go for his throat!” some have counseled, echoing the headline.)

Sure they have. (This is another shopworn tactic of the Left, whenever they go too far. They regularly claim they are being threatened by crazy right-wingers.)

These words have also liberated some correspondents (USUALLY THE ONES THAT TYPE IN ALL CAPS!!!!) from reading the piece or reading it in the spirit in which it was written.

Once again, we lesser beings always miss the subtle nuance of our betters.

But there were also almost 2,000 other words in the piece, which should put that provocative language in context.

They do. They augment the provocative language.

What’s been lost in the news ticker and Twitter threats is the argument of the piece: This is the only plausible path for a bold, game-changing second term for a president who has positioned himself the way President Obama has.

The only plausible path for Obama is to pulverize his opposition? Oddly enough not another re-elected President in our nation’s history seems to have seen destroying the opposition as his only plausible path.

Indeed, the piece accurately anticipated the forceful line the president ultimately took in his inaugural address with his call for collective action and failure to reach out to Republicans…

Which only tells us Dickerson was tipped off. But even Obama’s wasn’t as aggressive and mean-spirited as Dickerson wants him to be. Which tells you something about Mr. Dickerson.

Some correspondents have asked why I didn’t advocate that Obama embrace House GOP spending plans or some other immediate compromise, a more pleasant outcome than the prospect of even more conflict in Washington. There’s no evidence, however, that the president is in a compromising mood. (Again, see second inaugural.)…

And that makes it "a fact" and "math."

People see my article as an argument for one-party power, which is impossible since I posit that Obama’s second-term conflict with the GOP will be the first step leading to its rebirth as a majority party.

How foolish to view a call for the destruction of the one of our two political parties as a call for one party rule. What rubes we are! Besides, nothing helps re-birth like being pulverized.

Some assume I hate Republicans. This latter charge will confuse my close relations, who are not only proud conservatives but among Fox News’ most ardent fans (the two groups not necessarily overlapping).

People used to say, "some of my best friends are Jewish." Now, it’s "some of his best friends watch Fox News." …

What is the pathway for transforming American politics given the president’s current posture? There may be another way to solve this math problem, but I still don’t see it.

Maybe because you don’t know what the word ‘math’ means. And you are not very good at political analysis, either.

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