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CBS News: Ebola Outbreak May Be Worse Than Thought

Some more Republican fear-mongering, via CBS News:

Ebola outbreak could be much worse than thought

August 5, 2014

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — The worst outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in history could actually be much worse than the official death toll reflects. Already, the World Health Organization says 887 people have died, but a top doctor working at the heart of the outbreak in West Africa says many cases are going unreported…

One of the epicenters of the disease is the Liberian capital of Monrovia, home to about a million people, or almost a quarter of the country’s population.

The senior doctor, who works for a leading medical organization in Liberia… who spoke to CBS News on condition of confidentiality, said the disease is spinning out of control in Africa partly because it is extremely difficult to contain it in a sprawling, congested city center…

The official Ebola death toll jumped from 729 to 887 on Monday as Liberia confirmed dozens of new cases, but the doctor told us he believes the real number is at least 50 percent higher. He put this down to the fact that people are scared to report Ebola cases, and have instead been hiding sick relatives and burying the still-contagious bodies of the dead in secret.

Traditions in parts of West Africa involve touching bodies before burial — potentially putting unknown numbers of family and community members at risk… The implication in that statement is that the disease could be quietly spreading in parts of Liberia and neighboring nations where victims’ families have not yet come forward.

Meanwhile, here is another variation on this same story, from other Republican fear-mongers at CBS News:

Doctor: Ebola Outbreak Is ‘Spinning Out Of Control’

August 5, 2014

ABUJA, Nigeria (CBS Atlanta/AP) — The doctor who treated a man who flew to Nigeria and died of Ebola now has contracted the disease, authorities said Monday, presenting a dire challenge to Africa’s most populous nation as the regional toll for the outbreak grew to 887 dead… The second confirmed case in Nigeria is a doctor who treated Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian-American man who died July 25 days after arriving in Nigeria from Liberia, said Nigerian Health Minister Onyebuchi Chukwu [sic].

Three others who also treated Sawyer now show symptoms of Ebola and their test results are pending, he said. Authorities are trying to trace and quarantine others in Lagos, sub-Saharan Africa’s largest city of 21 million people…

Why quarantine people if it is so hard to contract?

Cases in Liberia jumped from 156 to 255, WHO said, as the government ordered that all Ebola victims must now be cremated because of rising opposition to burials in neighborhoods around the capital. Over the weekend, police were called in amid a standoff over whether health authorities could bury nearly two dozen victims in a neighborhood on the outskirts of the capital, Monrovia…

Sierra Leone marked a national stay-at-home day Monday in an effort to halt the disease’s spread…

Again, why do this if it is so hard to contract?

The emergence of a second case in Nigeria raises serious concerns about the infection control practices there, and also raises the specter that more cases could emerge…

“This fits exactly with the pattern that we’ve seen in the past. Either someone gets sick and infects their relatives, or goes to a hospital and health workers get sick,” said Gregory Hartl, World Health Organization spokesman in Geneva…

But don’t worry. It’s very hard to contract.

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2 Responses to “CBS News: Ebola Outbreak May Be Worse Than Thought”

  1. Mithrandir says:


    -they can’t be allowed to be right about anything, otherwise the narrative that they are too stupid to be taken seriously, falls apart.

    How often, in hindsight, have Conservatives or Republicans been right on things? Sarah Palin? Mitt Romney? Ron Paul? George Bush? Paul Ryan? –now the latest round-up of warnings about the mass invasion occurring at our southern border, and the Ebola disease are laughed and shouted down by the liberal media as nonsense.

    Only the liberals can talk about the news, make the news, make errors about the news, and then fill up air time with corrections about how their predictions and reporting were wrong.
    Republicans are always wrong even when they are right, and the liberals can be wrong then make up for it later and act like they are taking responsibility for correcting their own errors, and get credit for being a credible news source that “gets it right” even if they are correcting their own errors.

    –Democrats are just better at politics, there’s no doubt about it.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:


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