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CBS: Now ‘Might Be Able To Punish’ Film Maker

From NewsBusters:

CBS Radio Reporter Cheers the State’s Ability to ‘Punish the Filmmaker’ for Upsetting Muslims?

By Tim Graham | Sun September 29, 2012

In a CBS Radio newscast [at noon eastern] on Friday… CBS reporter Dan Raviv expresse[d] relief that the Obama administration can look to the Muslim nations and suggest it can crack down on free speech. After the anchor noted the maker of the controversial "Innocence of Muslims" trailer Nakoula Basseley Nakoula is still in jail for a probation violation, Raviv said, "Now at least federal authorities might be able to punish the filmmaker." …

ANCHOR (Steve Kathan): The man behind the anti-Islam video that sparked outrage in the Muslim world is still in jail in Los Angeles. It’s for a probation violation.

DAN RAVIV: I’m Dan Raviv in Washington. The short movie posted on YouTube has had a lot of diplomatic impact. It was clearly designed to insult the Prophet Mohammed, and a senior Obama administration official told CBS News last week that no one in the Middle East seems to believe that the US government could not stop the film from getting out. Now at least Federal authorities might be able to punish the filmmaker.

ANCHOR The Dow is down 69. This is CBS News…

Which just shows the high regard our ‘journalists’ have for free speech. Even though they are protected under the same First Amendment.

Meanwhile, we have this from the Associated Press:

Bangladeshi Muslims torch Buddhist temples, homes

September 30, 2012

COX’S BAZAR, Bangladesh (AP) — Thousands of Bangladeshi Muslims set fire to at least 10 Buddhist temples and 40 homes in anger over a Facebook photo of a burned Quran before authorities restored order.

Has anyone in the Obama administration spoken out against this denigration of other people’s religious beliefs?

The situation was under control Sunday afternoon after extra security officers were deployed and the government banned public gatherings in the troubled areas near the southern border with Myanmar, said Nojibul Islam, a police chief in the coastal district of Cox’s Bazar.

He said at least 20 people were injured in the attacks that started late Saturday after a photo of a burned copy of the Muslim holy book was posted on Facebook. The rioters blamed the photo on a local Buddhist boy, though it was not immediately clear if he actually posted the photo.

Bangladesh’s popular English-language Daily Star newspaper quoted the boy as saying that the photo was mistakenly tagged on his Facebook profile. The newspaper reported that soon after the violence started, the boy’s Facebook account was closed and police escorted him and his mother to safety.

Joinul Bari, chief government administrator in Cox’s Bazar district, said authorities detained the boy’s parents and were investigating.

Hopefully, the authorities will find a way to punish this boy and his family for posting such a terrible thing. Maybe they have some outstanding parking tickets they can lock them up for.

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2 Responses to “CBS: Now ‘Might Be Able To Punish’ Film Maker”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    When the worm turns on the MSM, and it will, I cannot imagine their Karmic debt.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      GBJ, I believe the worm is turning as we live and breathe because the internet is exploding with information that conservatives want. Noting that the socialist blog sites reach ad-hominem levels within three posts, I am impressed by conservative sites, too numerous to mention where trolls and ne’er-do-wells don’t seem to last very long and if they do, they get their butts handed to them every time they vomit the socialist narrative(s).

      It’s definitely something that has a power all its own. The second the socialists start limiting the information coming through to my computer, I will raise a stink and name names. As will countless other Americans. The latest homicidal debacle accomplished two things: 1) It made the socialists demonstrate their contempt for free speech if it’s speech they disagree with and 2) Their apologies for our free speech was met with derision by not just a few fellow left-wing moonbats. (Still, I’m trying to see if their derision about the whole affair is scripted for sympathy or is genuine).

      But Americans have always, on both sides of the aisle, practiced free speech for so long, they will not tolerate being silenced. At least, not by my estimation. Of course the left wants all right-wing information shut down but should that happen, there’d be hell-to-pay.

      Meanwhile the media is only in the first of the many stages of crisis management and will most likely remain in denial until the NYT is bankrupt, NBC shuts down and PBS realizes they have only two viewers left who are both on life-support and who cannot blink their eyes and were left in the care-center’s dayroom and forgotten by an obama-care employee while she went to the QuickMart for some Kool Menthol Lites and a bottle of Colt 45.

      They’re dying and that death is the result of the cancer of socialism and it’s hideous construct. They have cast their lot with the wrong side. We’re old enough to remember the Soviet Union and the propaganda they would spew about how Russian cars are better, Russian planes, etc. And, when the wall came down, Americans went over there and noticed how rundown everything was and engineer types who go to their technological museums see just how badly designed and built even their front-line fighter aircraft were.

      Soviet Union joke: “Vell, vee come to factory and pretend to vork…and dey pretend to pay us.”

      Brian Williams, Brokaw, all of them….were deeply immersed in the “evil” of capitalism while growing up, and learning their “trade”. Yet, they still hired top-notch attorneys to negotiate their high salaries, no? Yet they are blind to their hypocrisy because they have also intentionally insulated themselves from reality. Williams NEVER would be seen going to the lobby to get a stick of gum. He has someone do that for him. He is driven everywhere. He has a chef, a housekeeper or three…his clothes are laid out for him. Elite, elite, elite. And…EFFETE as well. Most expensive cologne, watches, cufflinks, etc.

      Identify with real people? Oh my sides.

      I like it when Rush calls them the “echo chamber”. It’s what they are and nobody really listens to them, though they like to think otherwise.

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