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CBS Poll: ‘Americans Say Tax Rich More’

From the shameless propagandists at CBS News:

Poll: To Reduce Deficit, Most Americans say Tax the Rich More

Posted by Stephanie Condon
January 3, 2011

As Washington gears up for a fight over federal spending and the national debt, lawmakers may want to consider some new polling figures.

A survey from CBS News’ "60 Minutes" and Vanity Fair magazine shows that most Americans, given a set limited choices for balancing the national budget, would prefer to see taxes increased for the wealthy.

Yes, lawmakers should concentrate on this poll from 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair (sic) and ignore those trifling election results from back in November. After all, who represents the views of more Americans, the Taxed Enough Already people – or Vanity Fair?

What is funny, we also remember seeing polls that said Americans wanted the rich to be taxed to pay for healthcare reform. It’s almost as if taxing the rich is solution for everything. At least according to the people our media masters find for their push polls.

As many as 61 percent said they would prefer increasing taxes on the rich over three other options: cutting defense spending, cutting Medicare or cutting Social Security. Another 20 percent chose cutting defense spending as the best option. Just 4 percent said they would cut Medicare, and just 3 percent said they would cut Social Security.

Perhaps not surprisingly, those with higher incomes were less inclined to say increasing taxes on the wealthy would be the best option. Nevertheless, as many as 46 percent of Americans making more than $100,000 said it was the best option — 26 points higher than the next-preferred option, cutting defense spending

Taxing the rich and cutting defense. Does the media ever poll anyone who isn’t on the DNC’s mailing list?

In a CBS News poll released in early December, as many as 73 percent of Americans called the budget deficit a very serious problem. More than half of Americans said at the time that Congress should let the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy expire.

Notice that the professional windsocks in Congress don’t even believe these CBS polls.

However, President Obama cut a deal with Republicans to extend the tax cuts for everyone. The deal, which included other spending measures, won strong bipartisan support, even though it increases the deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars

What boldfaced liars they are at CBS. And we don’t even need crudely faked memos to see that. 

By the way, according to CBS they only telephoned 1,067 people for this poll. And it was conducted from Nov. 29 to Dec. 2, 2010. So why are we only hearing about it a month later?

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7 Responses to “CBS Poll: ‘Americans Say Tax Rich More’”

  1. AcornsRNutz says:

    I just love these options. Poll people who are below the “rich” income level and ask them a ludicrous question and then call that poll results. This reminds me of a Simpsons episode where the weasel-esque lawyer asks questions like “Which best describes the defendant: raving lunatic or 18th century haberdasher?” The premise itself is so absurd. You can’t honestly tell any thinking American that the only options for the government are cut the only thing they are constitutionally required to fund (defense), cut the sentimental programs that people have paid for already even though they are utterly unconstitutional (medicaid/care and social security) or enact even more confiscatory taxes upon the wealth creators and economic engines of the country.

  2. tranquil.night says:

    Endless, shameless Communist BullShit.

    You know, economically speaking, deceit and ignorance are powerful profit-motives for the Lies-beralism (or “used to be” since their power is waning fast). Leftist corporate executives know what worthless pieces of trash they and their product are in reality, mostly because they put personal ideology at the helms of their companies over product and customers. But these fatcats and cronies are so psychologically self-insulated that they blame their misery on the system they abuse, Capitalism, rather than take any sort of personal responsibility for the results of their actions, or learn the error in their belief-system.

    Indoctrinated and incapable of learning. Lifeless drugged out zombies, parasitic vampires, programmed robots, parroting apparatchiks, and a Ruling Class of Ivory Tower commissars, bottom feeding thugs, cultists, and a puppet-master clique of wannabe eco-Hitlers. What are taxes to any of them but more perks, more power, more control over the people?

  3. NoNeoCommies says:

    I’m all for taxing the rich as long as they are a) making most of their money from investments, and b) Have a (D) after their name.
    The “rich” the Liberals are always after are those actually earning the money by convincing someone to pay them a hefty salary, or running their own business successfully.

    • proreason says:


      When they say “rich they don’t meant mean wealthy.

      “The rich” are people who have worked hard for decades and are reaching the point where it can payoff. Those people are scared shitless of governments taking it away. Taxing that kind of “rich” people is about power and control, not about raising tax revenue. To raise tax revernues, taxing the .001% idle wealthy who control 25% of the assets of the country and pay less than 1% of the taxes would be be much more effective.

      But by taxing the hard working entreprenurial class, they are kept in a box…which is exactly what the idle rich, as well as the marxists, want.

      Just coincidentally, a very high percentage of the idle rich are libwits. Maybe it has something to do with keeping the unwashed classes in their places, groveling at the government trough.

  4. Papa Louie says:

    How about a poll asking if we should tax democrats more? Or a poll asking if Muslims should be taxed more? If a majority says yes, should we do it? For some reason “equal protection under the law” applies to all minorities except the “rich”. It’s OK to hate the rich and to discriminate against them even though they, too, are a minority and have the same constitutional rights as anyone else.

    I wonder how the poll results would turn out if they replaced the word “rich” with “employers”. Anyone who votes to tax his employer more is too stupid to realize that he would likely be the first person laid off to pay for the higher taxes.

  5. Liberals Demise says:

    Another Dan Rather poll?

  6. potus4 says:

    Wow-1,067 people surveyed-who knew that many people still worked at See B.S.

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