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CBS Poll: Support For Stricter Gun Control Wanes

From a concerned CBS News:

Poll: Support for stricter gun control wanes

Poll analysis by Sarah Dutton, Jennifer De Pinto, Anthony Salvanto and Fred Backus | March 26, 2013

Soon after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., announced an assault weapons ban would not be part of a gun control bill, a new CBS News poll shows support for stricter gun control laws overall has dropped since the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Huh? Are we supposed to believe that support for more gun control dropped in their poll because an assault weapons ban would not be part of it?

That is incredibly dishonest reporting, even by the incredibly low standards of CBS.

Currently, support for stricter gun control laws stands at 47 percent today, down from a high of 57 percent just after the shootings. Thirty-nine percent want those laws kept as they are, and another 11 percent want them made less strict.

Partisans hold different views on gun control laws: 52 percent of Republicans want the laws kept as they are, while 66 percent of Democrats want stricter laws (down from 78 percent in February). Half of gun owners themselves want gun laws overall kept as they are, but a quarter call for stricter laws.

Women (55 percent) are more likely than men (39 percent) to want stricter laws, as are those living in the Northeast. Only 44 percent in the Midwest and South want stricter laws; 47 percent in the West.

So this is yet another poll showing that the US public is rapidly losing its desire for more gun control laws, if it ever had it in the first place. Which is why it is so important to stampede the public into demanding quick legislation while the hysteria is on. ‘The polls giveth, and the polls taketh away.’

Still, isn’t it funny? Just a few short weeks ago we were being told that this debate was settled. Just like we are told that same sex marriage and global warming are settled.

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