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CBS Worries: Is Obama A Lame Duck Already?

From a terribly concerned CBS News:

Is President Obama a lame duck already?

By Rebecca Kaplan November 29, 2013

Second terms have historically been tough ones for presidents. From Ronald Reagan’s Iran Contra scandal to Bill Clinton’s Lewinsky affair to Hurricane Katrina during George W. Bush’s second term, U.S. leaders have so often found their second four years going off the rails that it’s known colloquially as the "second-term curse."

And never mind that the Republican scandals were not really scandals at all. And the Clinton scandals were about a lot more than Monica Lewinsky.

President Obama has been no stranger to this trend. Despite winning reelection, he has had to compromise on many of his priorities or have seen them rejected outright by Congress: letting the Bush-era tax cuts expire; gun control measures; investments in the economy [sic], and quite possibly, immigration reform.

And never mind that the American public opposes Obama on every one of these issues.

While he doesn’t quite qualify as a lame-duck president – a term reserved for the 10-week period after a successor has been elected – Mr. Obama has seen his ability to set and carry out an agenda significantly curtailed just a year into his second term. Political scientists and scholars tend to point to two reasons for this: an obstinate, Republican-controlled House of Representatives, and the botched roll out of the Affordable Care Act, the president’s signature legislative achievement…

And it has nothing to do with the public disapproving of Obama’s agenda in every poll.

None of the experts who spoke to CBS News predicted that Mr. Obama would be able to push much major legislation through Congress during the remaining three years of his presidency between his bad relations with much of the Republican Party and the difficulty for even moderate Republicans to be seen working with him since it might risk angering their base.

Do you remember how CBS fretted over President Bush’s ability to push through the rest of his agenda in his second term? We don’t either.

Mr. Obama’s poll numbers have also dropped precipitously since the launch of HealthCare.gov in October, so he can’t do much to harness public opinion in his favor…

Mr. Obama will have the most luck affecting change through the powers of the executive branch and on the foreign policy front, where Congress has less influence than they do over the domestic agenda.

Such as his brilliant deal with Iran. And his success in the Middle East in general.

He can take limited action on issues like climate change and immigration reform through his executive powers, though it’s a risky proposition: he might be seen as overreaching, and his work could be undone by his successor in the White House or through legal challenges…

But CBS and the rest of his media minions want him to over-reach, anyway.

But second-term domestic policy achievements aren’t unheard of – think Ronald Reagan signing tax reform and the 1986 amnesty legislation into law, or Bill Clinton achieving tax cuts and a plan to balance the budget…

Again note the re-writing of history. President Reagan’s amnesty was a low point in his administration. And Clinton was forced into his tax cuts and budget balancing by the Republican in Congress.

So scholars say there are a few areas of domestic policy in which Mr. Obama stands a chance at seeing legislation move through Congress: immigration and tax reform, and a larger budget deal that reforms entitlement programs…

So Obama can still save himself from becoming a lame duck by ramming through amnesty and raising taxes in exchange for never materializing entitlement cuts? That’s brilliant!

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3 Responses to “CBS Worries: Is Obama A Lame Duck Already?”

  1. captstubby says:

    i read as far as “during the remaining three years of his presidency …”
    stopped and went to the liquor store.
    (lottery tickets, of course.)

  2. Enthalpy says:

    Can we count on the quisling, Mitch McConnell, to continue his impotent efforts in our behalf?

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