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Census ‘Hiring’ Spiked May Jobs Figures

From The Hill:

Census hiring to spike job figures in May

By Ian Swanson – 06/02/10

Hiring by the U.S. Census Bureau is expected to spike May’s job figures dramatically.

Economist Mark Zandi of Moody’s.com projects the economy will add 575,000 jobs in May, while the Economic Policy Institute’s (EPI) rough projection is for 560,000 jobs.

Either figure would represent the largest number of jobs created in any month since the dot-com crash of 2000.

Vice President Joe Biden, speaking at a Democratic fundraiser on Tuesday, touted what he said would be a positive report for Democrats, who are hoping a revitalized economy will help them in this fall’s elections. He said the May report would be “well beyond” the 290,000 jobs created in April, according to Reuters.

The numbers pose a problem for the administration, however, in terms of their reflection of economic growth.

Zandi expects that only 150,000 of the jobs created in May will come from the private sector, while 425,000 new jobs are sparked by the once-a-decade census.

Those jobs are temporary ones that will disappear as the Census completes the process of collecting data from people who did not mail in their forms.

In fact, hiring for the Census probably peaked in the first week of May, when 585,729 temporary workers were on the Census payroll, according to the agency’s figures

The Census isn’t done hiring.

It will take on about 200,000 employees to conduct the “vacant-delete check” in July and August. That involves double-checking properties marked down as vacant to make sure the census hasn’t missed people.

Another 20,000 workers will be needed for work through October, checking up on earlier census work.

But that hiring won’t make up for the layoffs of temporary workers now employed by the Census. The bottom line is that Census hiring will wind down in the coming months, putting upward pressure on the unemployment rate, which stood at 9.9 percent in April

Zandi expects private-sector job growth to remain around 150,000 through the fall, which he expects would eventually put the unemployment rate above 10 percent again.

Overall, he expects strong job growth

Many questions have been raised recently about the hiring practices involving the Census. There have been widespread reports of people being hired, trained, laid off only to be re-hired and trained again.

All of which raises the suspicion that they are using these Census workers to manipulate the unemployment numbers.

This article was posted by Steve on Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

8 Responses to “Census ‘Hiring’ Spiked May Jobs Figures”

  1. proreason says:

    Census work shouldn’t be counted as a job. It’s something totally unique.

    If you work for a temporary agency, you will move from one contract to another, and have a good chance of being hired to a permanent position if you do good enough work.

    That doesn’t happen for census jobs. They can’t become permanent. So it’s ridiculous to include them in the unemployment statistics.

    But surely, the most transparent administration ever will make that very clear to the public when the joyful news of all the new not-jobs is announced soon.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    Lay off and rehire, layoff and rehire……..
    Excellent way to jack the numbers and fudge the figures.

    “Dazzle ’em with brilliance…..Baffle ’em with bullshiite!!”

  3. Right of the People says:

    Seems to me the Russians used to do this with their economic statistics to show how much better their flavor of socialism was than the decadent west. Of course considering who Barry’s heroes are it makes sense.

  4. untrainable says:

    The beauty of these fake numbers is that the people who are hired, fired, rehired, fired, rehired, and fired will eventually be fired for good. But since they didn’t have the full time employment for the required period of time, they will not be eligible for unemployment benefits once they are fired again. The government has found a simple way to get rid of these people from ANY real unemployment calculations for the foreseeable future.

    Anyone who in good faith went to work for the census bureau thinking they were doing something good, and could count on the government reciprocating that good faith, has gotten what they deserve. A smack in the face, and no more unemployment bennys. Have a nice day.

  5. wterrier says:

    Glad you and all the S&L’ers picked up on this important fraud Steve. Good work as always. Thanks.

  6. BigOil says:

    According to the BLS, 357,000 census workers were hired in May of 2000. That means approximately 20% more temporary workers are working on the 2010 census.

    Our government in action. Doing the same with more.

  7. wardmama4 says:

    I addition to all the damage this ‘transparent’ Administration is doing with faking employment numbers by this little scheme of hiring & firing Census workers – exactly why are so many needed – according to what I’ve read – the numbers returned are running about the same as usual – and that means only about a third of the cards need follow up – so I ask why all the need for Census workers?

    I guess it must be necessary to count all the dead people – and figure out how to make all the Illegals – count.

    Biggest boondoggle ever created – nope not even Social Security or Welfare – as the whole point of this taxpayer funded (through out the entire program – all aspects) is to attempt to rig the Government/Election toward creating a Government Run Society – against the Constitution. Yes I know it’s in there – but we all know that the Li(e)brals have found/created the loophole to make it more than simply counting the citizens.

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