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Census Workers Sickened By Pot Fumes

In the rush of events we almost missed this bit of news from Grand Junction, Colorado’s Daily Sentinel:

Grand Junction census office loses leader

Setback comes as workers are sickened by pot odors

By Gary Harmon
Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Two weeks before the national head count for the U.S. Census, the Grand Junction office is without a permanent head.

Employees also are being encouraged to see physicians should they feel any ill effects from noxious fumes that leaked into the Census Bureau office last week.

Still, the Census Bureau says it’s ready to start the count on the Western Slope as scheduled on April 1.

“We are absolutely concerned about the health and safety of our employees and absolutely on track” with the count, census spokeswoman Deborah A. Cameron said Tuesday.

Census workers last week reported they were sickened when a foul odor passed through the ventilation system of their office in a building at 573 W. Crete Circle.

When Grand Junction police executed a search warrant on March 9, they found a medical-marijuana-growing operation in a part of the building that shared the ventilation system with the census office.

Operations at the census office, from which 60 employees work most of the time, were not compromised, Cameron said…

The census office was headed by Randall Copeland, who complained about the odors and was removed as temporary head of the office.

Copeland remained with the census office, Cameron said…

Most of those people won’t work in the Grand Junction office, and those who do were offered “a liberal time-off policy” to see physicians and to seek benefits under the state workers’ compensation system.

The Census Bureau also purchased and distributed N95 respirator masks intended to protect them against small particulates, Cameron said.

Employees at the census office on Tuesday were not willing to comment. No one behind a security window could be seen wearing the N95 masks.

What a sign of the times.

By the way, you can bet your fattest spliff that medical marijuana will be covered under Obama-care. (Mr. Soros will insist.)

Which, come to think of it, is the ultimate ‘opiate of the masses.’

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15 Responses to “Census Workers Sickened By Pot Fumes”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “Sha, dude, like, I need it for, like, my headaches and stuff. And sometimes, like, when I snooze and stuff, my dreams aren’t, like vivid enough, and the doc, like, he said for me to, like, take some hits and junk, so that, like, it would help. ya know?”

    All my life, I have watched potheads transform things into a “new normal” of absolute crap.

    I do miss that commercial of the loser in his mother’s house where she asks him if he’s even looked for a job.

    And what happened to “this is your brain on drugs”? Did the ACLU find it too offensive for their drug-addled minds to deal with?

    • jobeth says:

      “And what happened to “this is your brain on drugs”?”

      Rusty, If I remember correctly they claimed that was a ‘scare tactic”. But then so is telling your 5 year old not to play in the street or he will get killed.

      Reminds me of the pro-life demonstrators here in my town who held up large pictures of mangled aborted fetuses. They were made to stop holding up the pictures because it “offended” people. Well, well. If the picture of truth offends them what do they think the actual deed does to the infant being aborted?

      Mustn’t ever bring up consequences to these dodo heads. In their little world all that’s important is today’s “feel good” behavior. Not what it does to them or others in and for the future.

      This story is not at all surprising to me. We knew one day these idiots would be old enough to make a bid for power and now we are seeing it.

      Its a little like being the only sober one in the room. The drunks can’t see how utterly stupid they are behaving. And those of us who are still sober are disgusted by them.

  2. BigOil says:

    What’s the problem? It seems appropriate to have the headquarters for the head count next to a head shop.

  3. richb says:

    Medical marijuana? Thats old. When are we going to get medical heroin?

    It could be sold to the American public as both a way to protect junkies’ health, and as a way to fund ObamaCare! Ya know, clean needles with a big positive cash flow… Should probably get a better name, though. “Medical heroin” doesn’t sound quite right. How about “Healing heroin”? Or, better yet, “smart smack”?

  4. Mithrandir says:

    This is exactly why my parent’s generation is totally disgusted with the people in this country now-a-days!

    What a bunch of babies! They know that if they whimper enough, they can kick back at home for a few days and still get paid. No doubt, there is a lawsuit brewing in the works somewhere down the road as well, and perhaps a rich financial compensation from someone because these people are unable to ever work again.

    Did the greatest generation (WWII) just coddle their kids too much, and now they have an entitlement complex, or were they strict with them, and they have rebelled ever since?

    To balance things out in nature, I guess the greatest generation in world history had to give birth the the worst generation in world history. Bleech, I hope they all retire and die off quickly and rid us of their presence. . .

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Mith, what they really, truly want; The Pelosi’s of the world, is for MY generation to work our asses off supporting their useless carcasses in retirement. Not that they ever did anything during their “working years”.

      Their entire lives are about entitlement. Give me, I want, it’s mine, I deserve it, everyone else has, where’s mine? Isn’t this the nation where everyone has everything? Why don’t I? Give to me. This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, so tune in, turn on, and drop out.

      A bigger bunch of useless tools I have never seen. To the people of that generation who are conservatives, I apologize for seeming to lump you all together. I know that during the hippy years there were a great many who worked hard to make a good life and were ridiculed and satired for it. The movie “Animal House” was one in a long list of them. I love the movie and can separate fact from fantasy but many of that generation actually see it that way and that’s how they like to tell the story.

      Fact is, one thing is pretty true. The Blutarskis did become elected officials and are now racking up a congressional record commensurate with their collegiate one. No direction but down, a zero point zero GPA in their governmental achievements, and most of their time drunk or high or both. Cool, man.

      “Want a beer? Don’t cost nothin’ ”

      Yup, Our government has turned into Delta House. “We’re congressmen…..we can do anything we want!!!”

    • Right of the People says:


      To some extent I agree with you, my generation produced an abnormally high percentage of slackers but my daughter’s generation is just as bad or worse. Fortunately we raised our daughter with our values and she believes in hard work but most of her friends don’t. As for our parents, a lot of my friend’s parents were way too lenient with them when we were growing up. My dad was hardcore as hell but later tried his best to spoil my daughter.

      As far as Animal House, today’s generation seem to think that is the way you’re supposed to approach college. I partied quite a bit in my youth but I don’t remember us having the problems today’s kids seem to have with substance abuse like binge drinking. I blame this one their insistence on doing everything “extreme”. Regular isn’t good enough any more. That and technology is making them lazy and unproductive. They want a phone that can do everything for them and are lost without it. I seems like everyone spends their day yakking on their phone, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. I almost got run down in a crosswalk the other day by a 20 something who was blathering on his phone instead of paying attention to the road. He got all upset when I kicked his fender as he blew by me but I noticed while he stopped and glared at me, he didn’t get out of his car to discuss the matter.

  5. GetBackJack says:

    It’s called dope for a reason.

  6. Zilla says:

    I live in Grand Junction. Seems like every day there is something in the news about medical marijuana.

  7. Liberals Demise says:

    Is Barny Fwanks boyfriend the Neo Medical Mary Jane Czar?

    Pot, grass, weed, giggle smoke, ganja, hemp……….it’s all the same.
    If you are in a position of power……….you grow it and you get by!

    My eye sight is a little blurry.
    Time to roll a fatty and watch our country go to hell on T.V.. (TWEEEEK)

  8. Reality Bytes says:

    “It’s not mine Mom! I’m just holding it for my friends in Congress!”

    • JohnMG says:

      Well, if they hadn’t inhaled, none of them would have gotten sick.

      Here’s my solution. Take one huge, deep breath and hold it for….oh, say forty-five minutes. Problem solved.

      Now for a question; Does this mean those people don’t count?

  9. jobeth says:

    You know, it this keeps up, it should make for some real strange number counts.

    There will be so many typos in the entry data it will probably make North Dakota the most populated state in the union and perhaps the city of NY will suddenly be a ghost town.

    The world of potheads, willing or otherwise, is a strange place. I don’t think those N95s will get too much use…”Let’sh shee…where did that thing go? I think I loshed it”

  10. Mister C says:

    You know what the problem with marijuana is? ….Ahhh, dang it, I can’t remember. Perhaps I can initiate a class action suit for damages caused by “second hand toke.”

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